New World Chest Farm Route! Get Trophies That Sell For Thousands!

New World – Make BIG BOY Gold

In this guide, you will learn how to make A LOT of gold in New World! There are a lot of items that are worth a lot of money, but the ones that seem to be the most valuable are trophy pieces, specifically the epic and legendary pieces required to upgrade your trophies. They are highly prized and fiercely contested and we’re going to go over how to get them.

Two prominent examples are the “Ancient Text” and the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Another high-value item is the “Stacked Deck”, a component required to upgrade your luck, or loot luck trophy, to the second level. Another great one is “Loaded Dice”. Why are they so valuable? Simple, they are VERY hard to get.

Luck Gear & Loot Runs

There are a few routes and tricks that you can follow to get these types of items. Note that you may not get the exact one you are after, but you will get valuable components either way. So suit up, get the best luck gear you can find, and do these routes daily. Some of the items are locked behind elite chests, and some are on a 30-minute timer (that you can run multiple times per day). When you finally get one, well, it pays off as they are worth huge money.

Where To Get Trophy Pieces

First off, take a look at the New World map resource – where we can determine where these treasure chests are coming from, as well as the New World Database to figure out what level of chests there are and what zones they spawn in. Knowing the drop chance is valuable, obviously.

Loaded Dice

Let’s look at this one to start – a Tier 3 trophy component. Note that almost all these items share the same drop tables – the logging one, arcana one, skinning one, etc., fall under the same rules and categories. We can obtain this item from any level 55+ stockpile (for example) or ancient chest. So that is what we are looking for. Some of these are excluded in the elite chests.

New World Map Resource

Looking at the New World map resource, there are a lot of treasure chests in the world – we are looking for supply chests (stockpiles tier 1 / 2 / 3) and we are also looking for the zone levels to determine what levels the monsters are in the zone.

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