Cyberpunk 2077 – $500k per hour via Crafting Guide

This method currently works as of 12/13/2020 in Cyberpunk 2077.

This can be done very early in the game once you have access to a vehicle to drive, and needs little/no money to get started (under $1k). There are no enemy spawns, no enemy patrols, and no random events close enough nearby to initiate any type of combat.

On a side note, it will also level up your Crafting EXP bar to crazy levels while making loads of money! I was able to get ~500k – 600k / hr on PC using this method. It works on console as well, but may not be as “fast” as the best PC speed farming variant.

Getting Started

This can be done very early in the game, and needs little/no money to get started (under $1k). First thing you want to do is unlock the fast travel to the North-West part of the Night City, Located in Northside, close to the Arasaka Waterfront is. I recommend using “Peshing St” (see below), but “Docks” just north of there works as well.

Just to the north-east of the Peshing St fast travel point (less than 2 blocks), you will then see an area that has 40+ vending machines that are directly outside a Ripperdoc, and we will be using 31 of the vending machines for this exploit. The ones you are interested in are Cromanticore, Nicola, and Tiancha.

Printing Money

Here is how the money printing machine works:

  1. Make a loop around all the machines, spending all your money on buying Cromanticore, Nicola, and Tiancha cans, exhausting the machines supplies
  2. Manual save the game
  3. Reload the save, which triggers all machine inventories to be refilled
  4. Repeat until you are out of money
  5. Disassemble (Hold “Z” on keyboard by default) all bought cans into green/white crafting materials (Requires very small investment into Technical Ability -> Crafting /w Mechanic [1/1] and Workshop [3/3] for maximum efficiency)
  6. Go to nearby Ripperdoc and as many common/uncommon (white/green) crafting components to get all money from the vendor
  7. Wait 24 hours to instantly refresh vendor $$$ supply
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all materials sold
  9. Enjoy reveling in your riches!
$500k / hour Cyberpunk 2077 guide

When selling your items to the vendor, make sure to sort by “TYPE” under “ALL ITEMS” to make your life easier to find the green/grey crafting materials.

Detailed info / behind the scenes

Essentially, each can costs $10 investment, but will disassemble into $48-$58 in parts to sell (3 green mats @ $8 each, 6-8 grey mats @ $5 each). This is a minimum of a 350%+ return on your investment per each can/drink.

The trick to maximizing your money is the skill “Workshop” which at [3/3] grants “Disassembling items grants a 15% chance to gain a free component of the same quality as the disassembled item”. This can be glitched/triggered by mousing over the item over and over again, and checking the +6 or +8 for common crafting materials up in the top left of the screen.

By getting the +8, it’s a 33% boost in raw gain, an overall 20% extra income for the overall “selling” to the merchant/vendor just for glitching the game mechanic. I would imagine this probably works when crafting as well, but I have yet to test that.

Turbo button vs Manual

Now the real abuse of this is using a mouse or program that allows you to “turbo fire” a specific command/key. In this case, we will be using “F” for “Use”, which will both spend our money, and pick up the items from the vending machines.

If you angle correctly, you can overlap the button with the dispense slot, and not have to re-angle to pick up the items. I was able to test this using a 20x/sec push F turbo, using 3rd party “Razer Synapse” software.

This is the proper angle you are looking for when using the vending machines. Cursor is on the far left button, aiming at the dispensing slot just behind the button.

Below is the list of my test results from doing both a turbo button run, and a non-turbo run (me running around pushing F as fast as possible). As you can see, the Turbo is significantly better. Keep in mind the number of cans per machine is random every single time, so your mileage may vary.

Turbo Run
-Time: 3:12
-Cans total @per/sec: 450 @ 2.34
-Value (low): $7,560/min
-Value (high) $9,000/min

Manual Run
-Time: 5:39
-Cans total @per/sec: 602 @ 1.78
-Value (low): $5,753/min
-Value (high) $6,819/min

I would imagine you can emulate this process on consoles by using any number of 3rd party controllers that give you a “turbo” button option. I know for a fact Madcatz has that on a number of their controllers, and Razer also makes a controller with programmable options.


By using this, I was finally able to afford all those crazy expensive vehicles (some are $100k+), amazing implants (high jump! wow!), and not be so horribly focused on being strapped for cash the entire time.

I hope these tips/glitches/screenshots helped you. Stay safe, Happy Holidays, and please wash your hands a wear a mask!

Lets go Samurai.

We’ve got a city to burn.


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