Elden Ring: Where to get Primeval Sorcerer Azur’s Armor Set (Legendary Mage Armor)

Location of Secret Primeval Sorcerer Armor in Elden Ring

To get this armor you’ll need to complete Sorceress Sellen’s Questline. This has many steps, which are all covered in this guide.


0:00 – Intro and Requirements to get Azur Armor Set
0:26 – Sorceress Sellen Location
0:35 – Where to get Comet Azur Legendary Sorcery (Step 1)
3:07 – Where to get Comet Azur Legendary Sorcery (Step 2)
5:00 – Where to get Stars of Ruin Legendary Sorcery
6:39 – Where to find Sorceress Sellen’s Real Body (Path to Ranni’s Rise and Secret Chamber)
7:08 – Where to bring Sorceress Sellen’s Primal Glintstone/New Body Location
8:22 – Where to go after Sorceress Sellen’s New Body (Witch Hunter Jerren Location)
8:43 – Where to go after speaking with Witch Hunter Jerren (Witchbane Ruins)
8:57 – Where to go after Jerren kills Sellen’s old body (End of Sellen Questline)
9:10 – Whether to Kill or Save Sorceress Sellen
9:35 – Where to get Azur Armor Set + Stats and Description

This video does not cover how to kill Starscourge Radahn or Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Both of these are required to complete Sellen’s quest and acquire the Azur Armor Set. Azur’s Glintstone Crown has a unique effect, it raises the potency of Azur’s primeval current sorceries at the cost of additional FP consumption.

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