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Loop Hero Review – Feeling a little Deja Vu?

Yo! You know what it is! I had to physically stop playing this game to write this article. I recently got this game because a friend recommended it to me. Let me tell you, for a simple game you’ll find yourself spending hours playing Loop Hero. Now, one of my favorite types of games are rogue-likes because these games seemingly have no end but they keep you so engaged.


The storyline is pretty simple: you’re a hero and the world has been plunged into darkness by an evil sorcerer called “The Lich” who has put the hero forever in a loop. The hero also has forgotten their memories. To restore them, you must charge forward in a never-ending loop.

So, as you progress through the loops, you learn more of the story and with each new monster encounter, you’ll also learn a little more about the world around you. By encountering monsters and going through the loop you are on a quest to restore your memories and the world itself.

Loop Hero Review


The playstyle of this game is pretty unique and is the opposite of a tower defense game. The game engages you in finding the right balance of putting enemy tiles on your path or adding more mountains that will eventually create one of those pesky goblin encampments.

Playing this game makes you find the best strategy in making it to the boss fight. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to build up your camp which will make your expeditions into the darkness a little easier.

Every battle you have is automatic, so you’ll only be in control of what type of items your hero has equipped. By defeating certain monsters, or going through certain tiles that you place in the loop, you’ll gain materials. From these materials, you can build different buildings back at your base.

You will be able to build a kitchen, a smithy, and many more useful buildings that will help your hero through the journey. The game has four chapters in which the hero must defeat the final boss. With each chapter, the monsters get harder and certain effects will be placed in the gameplay.

There are also three classes to choose from: warrior, rogue, and necromancer. But you will start with the warrior and you must build your camp up to get access to the other two classes. There are major differences between each class. For example, with the rogue class you’ll be able to dual-wield and will not get loot from monsters unlike the warrior or necromancer class. They will earn their loot once they make it to the campfire. The necromancer is a little complicated because this hero attacks indirectly using skeletons. So, the playstyle for each hero is different and has pros and cons to each.

Sound and Visuals

Another thing that draws me to this game is its cool retro style. The art style they choose for this game is unique and makes it stand out. The developers did a great job with this game. The soundtrack is also catchy, which doesn’t make it any easier in trying not to spend hours playing this game.


This is a game that requires a good amount of strategy in making sure your hero makes it to the boss fight. You will literally be spending hours upon hours fine-tuning your strategy and just going for “one last run”. If rogue-likes are your thing, this is a no-brainer. Do you think you have what it takes to finally end this forever loop? Pick up a copy of Loop Hero and find out.


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