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Do you feel better when you’re planting things in nice rows? Get your boots on because it’s time for the best, new, and upcoming farming games for 2021!

Farming games come in two very distinct flavors. Nothing to do with different delicious fruit crops you can grow, but about the level of realism you can expect while some farming games are gloriously enhanced.

There’s no right or wrong to farm the day away so we’ve carefully selected a collection of upcoming agricultural delights. Whether you enjoy the calming lines of Sarji or the complexities of irrigation machinery, here are the best new farming games out and on the way in 2021! 


We know this is not a new game but the patch 1.5 gives it brand new life and a brand new feel to it. Upgrades to improve productivity and fresh quests and goals, whether you want to while away your days planting and selling or making friends and heading to the beach, it is all here.


This is another tractor-filled gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you use your Logitech gear and farming outfit optional. A breath of fresh peaceful air with a full Alpine environment and 30 new vehicles and machinery types inspired by Idyllic European farmland, this is a perfect place to take in the steep sites and even drive electric tractors complete with a charging station on your farm.


The best thing about Farm Manager is that you can try it for free. This is all about looking after a sprawling metropolis of agriculture through the seasons. Planning is absolutely key here to make sure that your farm is going to survive smoothly. Not only do you have to think about productivity, but the happiness of your employees and even tackle random disasters and incidents that will definitely occur.


If you’ve loaded social media platforms over the last month or two and have ever expressed a taste for farming games, chances are you have already seen Coral Island appear. This stratospherically successful Kickstarter campaign is a beautiful 3D take on the genre with resources to gather farm animals to tend to. Coral Island lets you dive underwater on adventures and have 50 NPCs to interact with and charm.


Turnip boy is on a mission to tear down a corrupt vegetable government. He must beat bosses and grow more friends to help him in his quest. As it is a curveball of a farming game, he should still be given the same consideration as the rest of the agricultural treats on this list paying off debts to Maya onion.


An in-depth farm sim with a satisfying art style. Trees and lines ditching a corporate career for a life of green fingers doesn’t just mean farmhouse, farming life is about building an entire village of useful buildings with employees to help you look after your animals and use equipment. Yes, there are copious amounts of crops to grow but you’ll need to make sure that your creatures are fed and even kept clean.


This game can be described in just three simple words: Stone Age Stardew. A multiplayer from the get-go and sees us growing a Nomadic clan while keeping in tune with nature, so no scar style ruining the circle of life. Goals now include different styles of weddings, a tundra region, and even the iron age, no rush.

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