Sea Of Thieves 2021- Beginner’s Guide

Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves is a beautiful, graphically polished game. It is also not a game you can just jump into and start playing right away – there are things to learn and a learning curve to overcome. Fortunately, this guide will help you with that! While SoT is an open adventure game, and by definition, there isn’t a “single” goal you need to accomplish – there are some things you should know when you first start the game up.

Pirate Legend

One of the most commonly sought after goals is to reach Pirate Legend. This is not recommended, as nothing changes – gameplay wise, when reached.

Instead, consider talking the NPC’s. If you talk to one of the NPC’s at the outposts, for example – they will offer you voyages to complete, and you will be rewarded loot when you turn them in. Try the Gold hoarder vaults first – they are fun and rewarding.

Captain Bounty Voyages

Also, these voyages are a great way to start for new players. Another fun thing to do are the Captain Bounty Voyages from the Order of Souls. If you feel daring, check out Morrow’s Point Outpost – you will be rewarded twice the booty. However, there are a lot more difficulties if you take these paths – geysers, earthquakes, etc.

World Events

Have you noticed those cloud icons in the sky? These are world events. They are basically waves of certain enemies that you have to defeat in order to reach the boss of the event. Once completed, you get some sweet loot. Note:

There are currently 5 world events in the game, and they all automatically activate when you approach them. The only event you must activate for yourself is “Fort of the Damned”. The world events vary in difficulty, with some being relatively easy while others are quite hard (and require a firm knowledge of ship control).


If you are a fan of learning more about the Lore – check out the Tall Tales! Check out this book on the right hand side of the tavern. It will begin the Shroudbreaker tall tale, the first of 9 tall tales. You have to do them in order. You will see icons above the islands on your map – which will indicate where you need to go to start each tall tale. If you are a completionist – you definitely want to check these out.


You want to be aware of Reaper – and all the different markings. Any reaper mark will have your ship visible to all crews on the server. If you check your marks, and see those icons – be careful. Do not use the Mark of the Reapers flag if you want to avoid combat! If you do want to fight, well, hoist the Reaper and get to it!

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