The Last Show of Mr. Chardish – Game review

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The Last Show of Mr.Chardish is a story rich exploration game from the developers at Punk Notion. You play as Ella, who returns to the abandoned theatre to uncover a preserved collection of extraordinary performances. Come get lost in the hand painted worlds that you will explore.

The Last Show is a real testament to storytelling. Instead of giving you the story straight on, it opts to tell it in hyperbole. Showing these massive set pieces that depict wonderful and / or hard tones, but undertones of Mr. Chardishes feelings seep out, giving you a glimpse behind the master of these works.

You will explore 5 playstyles – Solitude, Anger, Symmetry, Ascension, and Daydream. We won’t be going into much detail about what they mean because the journey in the game is to interpret and feel the acts. I don’t want to ruin your experience – however, I will, give you the mechanics. 

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish - Review

Solitude has you explore a shaded land where you will use lights to revile hidden steps or remove obstacles in your way.

Anger has you fighting through many forms of prop wild life with a sword.

Symmetry has you play as a robot, who controls their companion through curtain obstacles in a mirror movement style.

Ascension has you in the beginning traversing the landscape by lunging at statues till you transform in to a bird for the latter part.

And finally Daydream allows you to paint the world around you that is grey with bright and vibrant colours. 

Mr Chardish Review

In between the set pieces you will explore the run-down theatre finding many notes and letters scattered about. Some are stage directions, how to do hair, music sheets, and the letters. Which is a great source of background of the people that worked there, and Chardish himself. You don’t spend a lot of time in the theatre and is very liner, but you can miss some of the notes if you rush to quickly. 

Graphically it’s a very unique style, background and landscapes look canvas painted, with strokes and slight imperfections like it is was a far background piece on the painting. The main character reminds me of the clay sculpted figures, and the enemies or other characters are your prop bugs hanging on rope and artist mannequins. 

Sound design is a beautiful one, with scores that seem to have been ripped right out of a theater, that really envelop the feeling of watching and interacting with the play. 

All in all, this game is about an hour and a half long, but is filled to the brim with amazing design, music and story. People that love stories with a little undertone along the way will fall in love with The Last Show, and if you like small little puzzles in your game you may want to grab it to.

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