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Final Fantasy XIV: the Great Serpent of Ronka Introduces Herself


Welcome, dear mortals! I have agreed to give an exclusive report on myself, the Great Serpent of Ronka! Listen and read carefully, for I shall not repeat myself, and this opportunity is a once in a lifetime one. I would like to thank my translator and my scribe for their efforts.

Though the Great Serpent of Ronka is my official title, I suppose you would like a shorter epithet to call me by. You may call me “Beans.”

Why Beans? The name was given to me by a young girl of no more than three summers, yet possessed of great intuition. She pointed at me, declared me “Beans,” and I decided the name resonated with me. That, and though it pains me to admit it, I am somewhat bean-shaped in this form. Someday, however, I shall regain my true power and all shall tremble before me!

That is, of course, not to say that all will need to tremble. I am a Protector of the Wood. I will not ravage those who will the good. Though I cannot promise the same for people who would seek to harm our world.

A Closer Look at Beans

Tremble before my might!

I have already told you! I am the Great Serpent of Ronka, Protector of the Wood, bearer of ancient secrets beyond all of your ken! I am the night! (For those born during the times of everlasting light in the Norvrandt, I am aware that this phrase is more of a reassurance than a threat, which is fine.)

I hear a great many mixed noises from the audience. Spare me your “awws”, but I appreciate your “squees”, for they are close to the “screes” that you would be hearing and reading without my assistants.

Following a series of quests and discoveries within the Rak’tika Greatwood, I elected to follow the Warrior of Darkness on her travels as a “minion.” My duties include following the Warrior, wiggling, and cheering her on when she begins teasing her companions. I am honored to be in the entourage of such a personage!

Recently, I have caught wind that the Warrior and other adventurers like her seek mates- excuse me, romantic partners. It is so delightful to see these “ships” form! It makes my eyes sparkle like nothing else! When the time comes, I hope to bless many a clutch.

I have been made aware that people don’t have ‘clutches’ in the sense that serpents do. I do still hope to provide blessings, all the same.

Where can I find one of your friends?

Why, yes. As a matter of fact, we do “hang out here often”.

Is this what they call a “pick-up line?”

In any case, my fellow serpents enjoy the wetter areas of the Rak’tika Greatwood. The water keeps our scales moisturized. Surely you understand?

Contrary to what the gentleman in the above TomeTube video says, you certainly need not clear every single quest in the Greatwood to meet a Great Serpent of Ronka. There are two chains of quests you must complete throughout the Main Scenario Quest during your time in the First; one set in Slitherbough and another set in Fanow. The two chains become available at about the middle point of the adventure, if I recall correctly.

When you have completed both, you unlock the Protectors of the Wood quest highlighted on the map above. Completing this final quest will convince one of my fellow serpents to join you as a “minion.” Do give them my regards if you take them on board!

In Conclusion

To earn my assistance, you must first earn my respect!

To earn the respect of a Great Serpent of Ronka is no small feat! You must show your commitment across quests to truly impress one of us. Prove that you are as determined to protect the Greatwood as we are! Nay, prove that you are determined to protect all of the Norvrandt!

After you finish your adventures in Norvrandt, or perhaps before if you time it right, I’ve heard that adventurers can take us back to their homeworld. How exciting! The Warrior of Darkness has already taken me to a few locales that I couldn’t even dream of back home, but should you recruit my brethren, please do show them around!

If you have more questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the “comments” and I will attempt to provide a response as soon as my assistants allow!


ProgramFounding Writers
AuthorSami Miller
PublisherMGN TV
GameFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers


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