Genshin Impact – Raiden Shogun / Baal Guide

“The Raiden Shogun is the awesome and terrible power of thunder incarnate, the exalted ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate. With the might of lightning at her disposal, she commits herself to the solitary pursuit of eternity.” 

- Genshin Impact’s Official Website

One of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact is the newly released Raiden Shogun, or the Electro Archon that rules over Inazuma, which was the new region added in version 2.0. Seeking to keep her people in an unchanging eternity, her motives and character were all explained in the newest storyline added to Genshin Impact.

Aside from her popularity, she is one of the most complex support damage dealer characters in Genshin that can even act as a Main Damage Dealer at times. Throughout the guide, the player will learn her overall play-style, what her constellations do, which talents should be levelled up, weapons for both free to play players and players with some 5 star weapons available to them, which characters work well with her in a team, and how to optimally build her artifacts. All of which are important to understand to maximize her damage output and see how she functions in a team.  


Starting with the Raiden Shogun’s normal, charged, and plunging attacks which function about as one would expect. She strikes five times with her spear dealing physical damage with her normal attacks. Her charged attack is an upward strike with her spear, and her plunging attack is the same as all other polearm users. All of these moves deal physical damage and will not be used often unless the Raiden Shogun is in her Burst state (more on this later in the section).

raiden shogun guide

Next is the Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill, which when activated, immediately deals Electro Damage to nearby opponents. At the same time, an “Eye of Stormy Judgement” will be placed onto the current active character and will stay even if the player switches characters. In Co-Op, the Eye of Stormy Judgement will be placed on every current player in the world. This eye will launch coordinated attacks (meaning it attacks when the player does automatically) with the character attacking and deals AoE Electro damage. This coordinated attack can trigger once every 0.9 seconds, while the Eye will last for a total of twenty five seconds. With a cool down of only ten seconds and a duration of twenty five seconds, this ability should have permanent up time (meaning it will always be active) if the player keeps applying the skill. 

The coordinated attack damage from this skill is rather low, but can still serve three purposes, which are: Applying elemental reactions, which can greatly aid team compositions. The Eye’s coordinated attacks generate an elemental orb every two seconds while attacking, which can boost the rate at which your party gets their Elemental Bursts back. The final and most useful boost the Eye provides your party is applying a universal Elemental Burst damage buff to the entire party.

This buff will scale with how high the energy cost of the Burst is; with the higher energy cost Bursts gaining far more damage than low cost ones. With the ability to keep Eye of Stormy Judgement up at all times, this is a pretty significant buff that permanently boosts all Elemental Burst damage. One final note about this skill is the coordinated electro attacks from the Eye only activates when the character deals damage, so it can not be used to help destroy Abyss Mage shields. 

The most important ability in the Raiden Shogun’s arsenal is her Elemental Burst. Once activated, it deals a massive amount of AoE Electro Damage off the bat, and then puts the Raiden Shogun into a mode where her normal, charged, and plunging attacks all change their animations as she uses a sword instead of a spear, and converts all the physical damage those moves deal into both Burst damage and Electro Damage. This mode will last 7 seconds, and the Raiden should be on the field and not swapped out until the Burst ends completely. What makes this Burst even greater is the Resolve System unique to the Raiden Shogun.

Once players first start using the Raiden Shogun, they will notice a purple circle behind all of their characters that slowly lights up. This is how Genshin keeps track of “Resolve”. Resolve is gained by casting a character’s (other than the Raiden Shogun herself) Elemental Bursts. With Bursts that costs more energy giving more Resolve. This Resolve is then used up when the Raiden Shogun Bursts, and each stack of resolve boosts her Burst’s damage significantly. Which means it is optimal to use the Burst of all your other party members first before using the Shoguns. What makes this Ultimate ability even better is that during those seven seconds that the Raiden is in Burst mode, she recharges the energy of your other party members so they can use their Elemental Bursts again. 

The Raiden Shogun’s kit is all about using the Bursts of her party members to make hers stronger, with a skill that provides a permanent Burst damage boost on all party members as well as her Skill and Burst providing energy for her entire party, she is both a battery for your team and an excellent supporting damage dealer. With the energy she gives back to the party starting the whole cycle over again of using the rest of the party’s ultimates and then using hers last to refill most, if not all the energy needed to use the Ultimates again. 

Weapons and Talents

Considering the Shogun’s kit revolves so heavily around her skill and burst, the player should prioritize levelling those talents up first. Starting with her burst and then her skill, while the normal attacks can remain at Level one considering they will not be used much. Due to her burst changing the normal attack damage to burst damage, nothing really scales off her normal attack talents including when the Raiden enters burst mode, so there is no need to upgrade it unless you really like her. Just like the rest of the characters, the Raiden Shogun has three passive talents as well. 

Her default one halves the Mora cost when upgrading polearms and swords, which is extremely valuable by endgame. At ascension Phase one, the passive talent unlocked allows small amounts of resolve to be gained by gathering elemental particles, or restoring energy for your bursts. While this does not boost damage by that much, it is still a nice passive that just adds extra damage to the end of a player’s rotation with the Raiden Shogun’s burst.

The last passive talent unlocked at Ascension Phase 4 is the most valuable one out of combat and really helps determine both her weapons and what to build on her artifact wise. This talent grants a 0.6% energy restoration and a 0.4% electro damage bonus for every 1% Energy Recharge above 100%. These numbers can easily stack to ridiculous levels; with 200% Energy recharge that is 60% energy restoration boost from her burst and a 40% Electro Damage bonus to her kit, and with 300% Energy Recharge, those numbers double. 

raiden guide

Keeping that last talent in mind, there is both a free to play weapon and a new weapon that was released alongside the Raiden Shogun that works really well on her. If you are willing to shell out the cash or get extremely lucky and pull the newly released “Engulfing Lightning” polearm, you have found the best weapon for her period. With a massive 55% increase to Energy Recharge at max level, as well as providing further scaling to her attack with ER, this weapon was made for the Raiden Shogun.

 Alternate 5 star replacements would be the Staff of Homa, which provides insane Crit Damage (a stat good on every damage dealer), and the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear which provides Crit Rate.The worst 5 star weapon that can still work on the Shogun is the Skyward Spine. For free to play players, the best option available is The Catch, a 4 star spear that can be obtained at any time from the Inazuma Fishing Association by trading in certain kinds of fish. This also boosts Energy Recharge and provides a 30% Burst Damage bonus and a 12% crit rate bonus while Bursting, (It should be noted that The Catch at R5 is the best four star spear damage wise.) Other alternatives are the Favonius Lance and the Deathmatch. 


The best set to put on the Raiden Shogun is the Emblem of Severed Fate set as the 2 and four piece set bonuses seem like they were made for the Raiden Shogun. The two piece set bonus is granting + 20% Energy Recharge, while the four piece set bonus is Increasing Burst Damage by 25% of the character’s Energy Recharge stat. The Severed Fate Set was released in 2.0 and located in Inazuma. If the player does not have 4 good artifacts of this set yet, they can alternatively use temporary pieces and get any mix of two piece Gladiator’s Finale, two piece Thundering Fury, or  two piece Noblesse Oblige as temporary pieces. But note that any mixture of those set bonuses is outmatched by the four piece Severed Fate set bonus. 

The proper substats to go for on every piece are Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Energy Recharge, and Attack %. For main stats, your Sands piece should have Attack % or Energy Recharge % as the main stats. As for which you should pick, this depends on what weapon choice. If the player is using an Energy Recharge weapon like Engulfing Lightning or The Catch, then it is better to go Attack % as around 200 – 250% Energy Recharge should be more than enough to keep all her scaling high. If the player is using a non Energy Recharge Weapon, having ER as the main stat on your Sands piece is a good way to keep her ER high. 

For the Goblet, Attack % or Electro Damage % are the two best main stats to have. The most optimal main stat between these two again depends on your weapon, but also your team composition. Due to the Shogun’s final passive boosting Electro Damage off of her ER, if you have an ER weapon or an ER Sands piece, then Attack % is more optimal. If you have a Bennett in your team composition, which already massively boosts attack, then it is more optimal to get higher Electro Damage %. If your ER is at 200 – 250%, you do not need an Electro Damage % and it would be better off to get Attack %, otherwise, grab Electro Damage %. For the Circlet, you want the main stat to be Crit Rate or Crit Damage. Whichever you feel like you need more. (It is recommended to have your Crit Rate and Damage be at a 1:2 ratio, meaning twice as much Crit Damage as Crit Rate with a good Crit Rate to fall under being 50 – 70% with 100 – 150% Crit Damage. But this is pretty hard to obtain off of substats alone, so it is fine if you are slightly under on one of these) 

Team Composition

Raiden Shogun has a lot of characters that she has high synergy with, and two highly recommended teams where she excels. The first specific team is Eula, Rosaria (for the Cryo Synergy of providing more Crit Rate), Raiden Shogun, and a choice between Bennett for healing and attack buffs, or Kujou Sara for more resolve gain and battery. Eula has a high energy cost for her Ult, which means she needs a battery to work well. Use all your Ults aside from the Shogun, and while Eula’s Burst recharges, the Raiden Shogun can both deal damage, and recharge the Ults of everyone on the team including the high energy cost and high damage dealing Eula. Cryo plus Electro results in Super Conduct which lowers enemies physical defense, which causes Eula’s Burst to deal even more damage as her Burst deals a high amount of physical damage. Everything about this team has a high amount of synergy and really shows what the Raiden Shogun can do as a support. 

The final recommended team is far more free to play friendly and works wonders even in the Abyss. Xiangling and Raiden Shogun will be your damage dealers while Xingqiu and Bennett provide support. Bennett’s Burst both heals the party and applies a universal attack buff to your party if they stay in his healing field,  Xingqiu’s Burst costs a lot of energy which provides a lot of Resolve for Raiden, and stays on field even when Xingqiu is off field, applying constant Hydro Damage. Xiangling’s Burst also stays on field when she is off, so using all three before Raiden Shogun’s provides a lot of Resolve, buffs her attack immensely, and makes her an elemental reaction machine as enemies are bombarded with Hydro, Pyro, and Electro. 

Other characters she has high synergy with are Yoimiya, Venti, Kazuha, and Zhongli. Yoimiya and Raiden Shogun’s kits feel like they were meant for each other. As the Raiden’s Eye of Stormy Judgement gives Yoimiya some AoE capabilities, and Yoimiya’s Burst places a status onto enemies that causes them to take Pyro Damage when anyone other than Yoimiya attacks them afterwards. Which causes Raiden’s Burst which should happen right after to deal immense Pyro and Electro Damage. Raiden’s Burst will push enemies away as you slash at them, so keeping them in place with Kazuha’s Skill or Venti’s Burst can be super helpful. (Kazuha’s Burst also increases the damage dealt in it’s field, and will constantly react to the Raiden’s Electro Attacks). Zhongli is a near universal Support whose shield provides immunity to all damage until it breaks letting you go wild with Raiden as she shreds her enemies to bits. 

While there are many more besides this that could work well with Raiden, there is one character that has worse synergy with Raiden than everyone originally thought. That character is Beidou, whose Ult procs off of normal attack hits. However, due to Raiden converting her normal into Burst, it will not proc Beidou’s Burst. Meaning the two don’t work as well as they could and other characters like Xingqiu, Kazuha, Bennett, or Kujou Sara would be better replacements for her. This is not to say they can not work together at all, and in fact do work well in a certain Electro Charged composition that will be talked about in a later section.


If a player is thinking about summoning the Raiden up to a certain Constellation, this guide will go over all of them and say which one is most worth summoning for. C1 (The first constellation) grants more resolve to the Raiden when every character bursts, with Electro Characters granting 80% more than they normally would and all other elements getting a 20% increase to their Resolve gain. C2 causes Raiden to ignore 60% of enemy defense, which causes a 40% damage increase across the board. This is absolutely massive and is easily the Constellation most worth getting if you want any of her Constellations. C3 increases her Burst’s talent level by 3. C4 grants an attack boost to your party after the Raiden’s Burst ends. C5 increases Elemental Skill’s talent level by 3. At C6, the Shogun’s burst state will lower cooldowns on the entire party’s Bursts by one second once every second for a maximum of five seconds. 


Final Thoughts

While the teams listed above are by far the best with Raiden Shogun, they are far from the only team comps that will sufficiently work. The teams listed in this section are here to serve as more fun team compositions that may or may not be optimal to use, but most certainly can still function as exampkes of how to build a team around the Raiden Shogun. Another amazing team is Childe, Beidou, Raiden Shogun, and Bennet. This team requires the player to be careful with their rotation, by firstly using the Raiden’s skill, followed by Bennet’s Burst, then Beidou’s Burst, which follows up into Childe with his elemental skill form change. You will want to stick as Childe because his attacks procs Beidou’s Ult, and once her Burst runs out, use Childe’s Burst and go into Raiden’s Burst from to recharge everyone’s energy.

The personal team composition I am using is Yoimiya, Kazuha, Mona, and Raiden. Yoimiya’s and Raiden’s synergy has already been covered, and with Mona’s burst providing even further damage and Kazuha’s leading to both further elemental reactions and the ability to pull in enemies before the Burst combo leads to devastating damage to an entire group of enemies by the end of the rotation. For better effects, use Bennet instead of Mona to still increase your party’s attack, get some free healing in, and apply a 25% attack increase for your whole party due to the Pyro Synergy that Yoimiya and Bennet will have on the same team.

Xiao, Ganyu, Raiden, and any type of healer (preferably Bennet, but Noelle’s shield can also work wonders) can make for a fine team comp. With Xiao being the main damage dealer and Raiden serving as the battery that can recharge his expensive energy cost. Ganyu can provide Cryo reactions with her Burst, draw a group of enemies to a certain location, or can play the role of long range DPS when needed, while Bennet Burst is used to keep Xiao alive while in his Burst state. After every party member has used their Burst, Raiden Shogun can wipe the floor with the remaining enemies until Xiao gets his Burst back.

These are just a few of plenty of team compositions the player can make with the Raiden Shogun, and with some experimentation, the player might even be able to make their own unique team using the examples above (whether they be meta or not) to form their own team compositions and rotations to get the most of the Raiden Shogun. The Electro Archon is an amazing support damage dealer that can take the field when your main DPS is charging up their burst while simultaneously serving as a battery for the team and recharging everyone’s Bursts. She is excellent at elemental reactions with her skill able to have permanent up time, and with her high levels of energy recharge, she should do her job as a battery well. Once the Raiden Shogun is fully built and completely understood, she is one of the most fun characters to use in the entire game. 

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