Hunt: Showdown Game Review

Hunt: Showdown is a first person multiplayer competitive shooter game that is incredibly unforgiving.  You play as a bounty hunter that must kill a mythical monster in order to claim the bounty and survive to reach the extraction point.  Sounds simple enough right?  Wrong.

There are other players hunting the monster just like you.  They are looking for clues, and if you meet up with them – get ready to fight ‘em.

If the character you pick does not make it?  You die permanently – they don’t come back.  That’s the end of it for that character!

There are a few game modes – Bounty Hunter is the one I’ve played the most.  There is a Quick match option as well as Trials.  I recommend you start off with the training mode, as this will get you up to speed quickly.  

hunt showdown review

Playing in Bounty Hunter mode – you can either play as a solo or a duo.  You will come across a lot of scary monsters.  We’ll go into details on them later.

You also get something called “dark vision”.  This is to help you gather clues.   The atmosphere in this game is incredible, especially the audio.  If you have 7.1 surround, you’re really in for a treat.  You can hear all sorts of ambient sounds as well as the approach of various monsters.  


Aside from the Infected – there are a lot of creatures in this game.  And monsters, lots of them.  The armoured, for example, are nasty critters that are in a thick shell.  Consider using an incendiary shotgun to take him out.

The Hive

A woman split in half that you don’t want to get too close too.  If you, she spawns all sorts of poison bugs that poison you and well, it’s a nightmare.  Your vision goes blurry, and it gets worse from there.

The Immortolators

They are walking, rotting flesh that is on fire.  Ya, that’s what they are.  If they see you, they will run right after you and will burn you.  And they burn you badly. 

The Meatheads

Literal, walking flesh meats with leeches on them.  They hang out by the farmland, and you may wanna steer clear of them.  They are pretty stupid though.


The final mob in this list is the Hellhound, and man are they annoying.  They don’t come in one, they come in packs of 5.  Undead dogs that make your life very difficult. 

Did I mention that there are bosses, on top of the standard mobs out to kill you?  The first one is…

Meet the Bosses

The Butcher

He is a giant walking bag of meat with hooks that can do fire damage and also has this crazy frenzy mode that will literally run after you…  You may want to bring a shotgun to this party.

The Spider

I have to admit and i think from everyone’s point of view it’s the creepiest one so far especially the speed on it right the speed is insane dude it really makes you oh that hurts that hurts i’m running i’m running it’s right behind me it’s right behind me.

The Assassin

You know what I actually love fighting the Assassin because it’s literally just like these bugs with a rotten corpse and it can go it can disappear and you can feel the bugs and then they can come up behind you with blades.  The Assassin tries to cut you up and it also has  another ability where you can split it can split into two which makes it even more interesting.  Prepare yourself accordingly!


The newest boss, Scrapbeak – has a unique backstory.  I believe he was a civil war soldier that lost his legs and well, he came back and now he’s known as Scrapbeak.  He’s a giant feathery loot monster that has all kinds of weapons on his person.  He’s actually quite easy to defeat, strangely enough.  

After You’ve Defeated The Target

After you’ve taken out the target now you have a certain limit (represented by a timer) to banish it so while that’s going you’ve got other online players knowing where that exact location is and they are pretty relentless coming after you. It gets real hectic, real fast.

Essentially you have to be defensive and you have to wait in the in the area and try not to get killed by them because they can steal your bounty and ruin your evening.

Final Thoughts

When I initially played this game years ago I didn’t like it (in fact, I thought it was terrible). I don’t think that way anymore. In fact, I think it is great. It is a refreshing change of pace from standard shooters. The bounty system creates a super fun game mechanic that goes perfectly with the edge of your seat, intense game atmosphere. If you get a chance to pick this game up, I highly recommend it!


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