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Pummel Party – Game Review

So, first of all, I think we can all agree that party games are fun. From playing on the couch while hanging out with your best buds, to playing online with your friends. With Nintendo bringing the most party games, Mario Party pretty much is on top. But now there’s a new game for PC players that pretty much is a replica of Mario Party in many ways. And we mean this in a good way.

Pummel Party is a 4 to 8-player online and local-multiplayer party game. Either play with friends or against the AI using a wide array of absurd items on the board.

Now, in Mario Party, you and the other players start off on a board game-like level and have to go around the board to get enough coins to get a star, with every round having mini-games that give a chance to gain some coins. Whoever has the most stars after a certain round limit is the winner.

pummel party review

Pummel Party is the same but with keys instead of coins and crowns instead of stars.

Every platform you step on is either a world event or a chance to gain or lose keys, not to mention platforms that can give you an array of absurd weapons and objects to claw your way to victory.


Mini Games

There are loads of mini-games in Pummel Party. Knock your friends into the abyss in “Snowy Spin”, dig three-dimensionally and be the first to find the treasure in “Sandy Search”, and make sure you’re not holding the bomb when it goes off in “Explosive Exchange”.


Now in the board game, you can have a chance to find and gain weapons to prevent players from getting to the prize. From punching bags and wrecking balls, to portals or bees to take players out. There are lots of weapons you can use to eliminate your opponents.

The Board Game Arena

There are loads of maps with different world events and the platforms can sometimes be nasty or profitable, so if you claim that special platform for the first time and another player steps on that platform, they’ll have to pay with keys or blood. Take enough damage on the board game and you die, drop all your keys, and are sent all the way to the graveyard.


The more you play, the more cosmetics you can unlock. And they look really good.

Overall Verdict

The game is truly fun either on local or online multiplayer. It’s a great game that well deserves its favorable Steam review rating. And with the dev team adding new maps, weapons, mini-games, and cosmetics, this game has lots of longevity. Add to that the customizability in the Steam Workshop and this is seriously a game you need in your collection.



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