Earth From Another Sun – Alpha gameplay and interview

Earth From Another Sun is about conquering the galaxy. No pressure 🙂

How do you conquer a galaxy? Start with planetary surface battles in FPS (first-person shooter) mode where you engage enemies directly as well as command your troops. It is a Mount & Blade meets Borderlands game with many weapons, upgrades and abilities to keep the play interesting! And there are many planets to explore in this non-traditional open world game.

See the alpha gameplay in the video above, and at 6:51, we interview the Multiverse Community Manager Anthony.


The game is about you conquering the whole galaxy. You start off as a Prince that just lost his Kingdom, and has been underground from the empire. They destroyed everything you had – including your family. You will need to build up your army, and you will need to fight both on the planet and in space.


There are currently two ways to improve your weapons during the game. You can upgrade them and you can refine them – both of which make you more powerful. They basically they work the same at the moment, but there will be changes coming to the weapons system.

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