Elden Ring: Prisoner Class Guide – How To Build A Spellblade (Beginner Guide)

In this Elden Ring Build Guide, I’ll be showing you my beginner Prisoner Build. If you’ve been looking for a good starting Spellblade build that decimates enemies and bosses in a flash, then you might want to check this build out.

Prisoner Class

The prisoner class starts the game with an “s dock” which is a weapon that scales with dexterity. Also, it comes with a staff and a really good spell early on, which is great for the early game. Once you’ve got your bearings and have finished some of the very early game content, you’ll want to get sorceries.

In the waypoint runes, there is a sorcerer trainer where there are some spells for sale. Also, there is an academy up on a hill that is being guarded by some enemies, but you can just run up on top of one of the run-down buildings.

Early Spells

The spells you want to pick up early in the game are Glenstone Pebble, Scholars Armaments, and Carrion Slicer. These are your bread and butter spells. Do keep in mind that you will only have two slots to start (until you get that third slot) so Scholars Armaments and Glenstone Pebble are recommended. To get a third slot quickly, you want to go to Oredes Rise (there’s a tower there). You’ll get the memory stone, and get a third slot.

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0:00 – Elden Ring Beginner Prisoner Guide
0:11 – Prisoner Character Creation
0:25 – Spellblade Spells
1:40 – Spellblade Equipment
2:00 – How to Play as a Spellblade
5:07 – Spellblade Attributes
8:35 – Final Tips

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