New World – The Things I Wish I Knew Before Level 60

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Hit Level 60

  1. Repair All doesn’t repair your inventory – you need to manually repair those.

    When you die in New World, all of the items in your possession, including inventory, take durability damage. This includes items that are bind on equip, and that makes these items unable to be sold on the trading post if they aren’t at 100% durability. I ran into this issue a few times myself, but also see it from time to time in chat where someone is trying to sell something and it just isn’t working.

    This is most likely because they took damage or died with that item, and because Repair All doesn’t target inventory, they need to manually click on repair to fix it, then they can sell it. I kind of wish they had a way to quickly repair all inventory items, like maybe holding shift on Repair All would do literally everything, but right now the long way is the only way.
  2. Lock items to avoid salvaging them – do this with luck and gathering gear.

    When it comes to items in New World, this game is pretty lush with gear. I mean, you can easily fill up your entire inventory weight with weapons and armor within an hour of portal trains or farming, and most of it might be things you’d sell, but sometimes you find something really good and you want to hold onto it. This is where that locking mechanism comes into play.

    I didn’t realize this was here until way later but it makes it super easy to avoid accidentally salvaging gear. Just hold L, click on the item, and a small lock icon will appear next to it. I would highly recommend doing this not only with all your build gear, but also with any harvesting and luck gear that you find because you’ll need those later on.

  3. Okay, so this one I see pretty often. It’s almost the new “where is hemp” question from beta.

    You can’t socket certain gems on items that have a chain effect; you can only socket the same damage type. For instance, if you have chain fire, you can only socket a fire gem. I see people all the time, and myself included at first, wondering why they can’t put a certain gem into an item. And the game doesn’t help explain it either, so you just have to figure it out on your own. But yeah, chain items won’t let you slot gems outside of their damage type. So keep that in mind, especially when you are building out your character.

  4. Use trading post to transfer items without the horrible storage shed cost.

    So this one feels pretty sneaky and I like it. I am a big crafter. I love the crafting system in this game, but I am not a huge fan of the way the storage system works – especially when you need to transfer items because transferring things costs insane amounts of gold sometimes. Like, moving a stack of sandpaper from one shed to another is almost always a 200 gold fee, which is absolute insanity.

    So, here is a way you can get around this: list your item on the Trading Post for a stupidly high price that no one buys it, then you can cancel that listing for free and it places the item directly into your inventory. Doing this, the only fee you pay is the listing fee! Make sure to set it for one day to lower the price even more, but I went from paying 200+ gold to transfer sandpaper, to only paying like 10g to list it and then canceling the listing. Don’t let the game hustle you.

  5. Loot every supply chest you see. You’ll need those materials later on.

    New World probably has one of the weakest questing systems I’ve ever seen in an MMO. It’s not good and I will die on that hill if needed. One of the quests you will see from level 1 to 60 is to loot chests, and these chests are everywhere at each landmark. As you level up, you will get burnt out from looting these and I totally get it.

    But just do it even if you don’t have the quest; it will make life so much easier for you. I know it can be a time sink and something that seems small and insignificant, but unless you want to drop thousands of gold on the trading post for those same items, just take the few seconds to loot the chests and keep moving.

  6. Keep all tuning orb materials, you don’t want to get rid of them.

    Early on, you’ll be getting these tuning orbs like crazy from your side quests. But that dries up, and next thing you know you need to craft your own to get back in there. That’s where this tip comes in. You need to understand what goes into each orb and hang onto those materials. Don’t sell them or salvage them because you’ll just need to farm or buy them again later. Side note: level up your stonecutting because you’ll need it to make higher level orbs.

  7. Follow the 1:2 rule.

    Okay, so this was a big one that I didn’t adhere to and it cost me a day of levelling because I had to catch up. Spend one hour of levelling up gathering and crafting, then two hours of town boards or quests. This will keep your town boards updated to give you high experience missions since it scales with your crafting level. Because, as you know, as you level up those trade-skills more difficult and valuable town boards will appear; things like Wyrdwood planks for 7300 experience or layered leather for the same amount. Being able to get access to these things early will blast you through the levels and keep you ahead of the curve. If you just hammer quests and ignore your crafting, you’ll have a very long and slow levelling process ahead of you.

  8. This one I really didn’t do until I reached level 45 and once I started following it, it made my life easier.

    Don’t be so frugal with gold. Feel free to spend some to purchase town board items; this will help smooth the leveling experience. For real. I had 9,000 gold and I thought I was broke and didn’t want to spend any because I figured it would just evaporate super quick and I wouldn’t even be able to repair my gear. I was completely wrong. I was able to stretch that bankroll out so far and buy all kinds of materials to level up my trade-skills, as well as purchase town board items, and it helped supercharge my levelling a ton! I really underestimated the buying power I had and like I said, I think I was still caught in the economy of World of Warcraft where 9k is nothing.

  9. Cooking is an awesome source of XP! You can spend some time crafting rations and make some serious leveling progress. Plus the ingredients are typically cheap!

    Shoutout to Hart from Camelot for this tip! I was running portals back around level 37 and Hart mentioned they were getting some insane levelling experience from cooking rations. This was news to me, so I went back to town and I started cooking up the highest level rations I could and sure enough was able to get huge experience pretty quickly from this process! I’m talking a set of like 50 rations giving me 3000 experience in the blink of an eye. Now, this is all from gaining cooking levels and not the actual craft itself, so there is a hard cap here. Once you hit 200 cooking, this experience dries up, but still! This a solid way to quickly gain some levels if you need to.

  10. Keep up with your faction missions to unlock the next tiers. Don’t get behind or else you will be wasting time and resources since you’re capped.

    Another strong tip. Your faction missions can get caught up in the whirlwind of things and get left behind. I’m not talking about the little missions you pick up, but the actual unlock missions for your next tier, like Ravager and Destroyer. These are incredibly important and will unlock powerful new gear, consumables, and if you like making bags, new runes of holding to take advantage of. Don’t let these slip because if you do, you’ll be running faction missions for no progression or tokens, and that’s just bad practice. Take some time, get these things done and you’ll reap the rewards later.

  11. The last one I have is a simple one, but something that I got swept away in: Stick with a few weapons and level them up as you go.

    New World has a ton of weapons and because of that, a ton of different ways to play the game. Understandably, you need to experiment a little to figure out what you want to do and what role you want to be. And before we get too deep into this, of course you can level up everything and just be a master of arms, but that isn’t efficient early on.

    As you level up, your enemies will get stronger and if you are fighting them with level 5 weapons, you won’t be as effective as you could be. I’d recommend settling on the weapons you want to use by the time you’re level 20, then hammering those. The higher tier passives will help you out later on and make you better at whatever role you are doing.

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