Dungeons of Edera – Top 5 Reasons To Play

Roguelites and roguelikes are a big hit within the Indie scene. It is common to see small teams attempt to create a truly unique experience by fusing the roguelite genre with other more established game types. With Dungeons of Edera, that fusion is a 3D open-world dungeon crawler with roguelite elements!

If you feel like you had your fill of roguelite games, then perhaps we can change your mind. Here are the top 5 reasons to give Dungeons of Edera a shot.

Randomized Skyrim

There’s no denying that this game draws heavy inspirations from Skyrim and the other Elder Scrolls games. It’s a 3D open-world high fantasy game where you can explore anywhere and talk to anyone while taking on quests and slaying all sorts of monstrosities inside and outside of dungeons. If that doesn’t describe Skyrim to a T, I don’t know what does.

This game is the answer to the probably-not-timeless question: “What if Skyrim had random dungeons?” Every dungeon you walk into is procedurally generated, from its look and feel to the evil denizens that want to rip the flesh off your bones. It’s an interesting experiment considering that Elder Scrolls games inspire multiple play-throughs without this random element. Makes you wonder how many more times we’d play them if they did.

Open Character Builds

Dungeons of Edera prides itself on having an open character build system, and with 44 possible abilities, we believe it. You can start off with a basic class and build yourself up until you need to learn some more advanced skills. Once that is opened up, then the skill tree is your oyster. With every level you attain, you gain a skill point which you can spend anywhere on the skill tree and decide how your character is ultimately built based on your playstyle. In some ways, it feels like a similar system to Kingdoms of Amalur without the class fusing.

Dungeon Runner

Apart from its story campaign, Dungeons of Edera has another interesting mode called Dungeon Runner. By clicking into this mode, you’re plopped into the world with a random class and set of gear, as well as a quest. From there, you venture forth to encounter increasingly tougher enemies to see how long you can last. It’s an interesting spin on the classic survival mode in other games.

Good Story

Who said that roguelites don’t have good story campaigns? Dungeons of Edera places you in the leather boots of a hero or heroine who is tasked with reuniting their faction after an invasion brought disaster upon the land. As the hero of this epic quest, you must do all that it takes to bring your faction back to its former glory. This story isn’t just for show, however, as it ties into all of the upgrades and unlocks that carry over from one run to the next after you die.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Indie devs are often scrutinized for not having enough variety when it comes to a…variety of aspects in their games. Dungeons of Edera has variety in spades. There are many different types of bosses to fight as well as a wide range of goober-level enemies. Loot is also varied as you are literally showered in it every step of the way. This means that your character can easily look unique compared to other players.


You do not often find a game that makes a rough attempt at taking a beloved title and slapping a roguelite element to it. Dungeons of Edera dares to go in that direction with an epic journey that will have you returning for another run, even if it is just to simply see how mismatched you can make your character appear.

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