Xiao’s Artifacts, Weapons, And Team Compositions Guide

Xiao’s Talents are very clear cut; however his Artifacts are super complex when talking about them. His weapons are also not too difficult to understand and he synergizes well with almost every character in Genshin, but the best sets will be explained in the article below!



Do not mistake this as a 4 Piece Set, the 4 Piece Set just gives you increased Swirl Damage, but Swirl Damage is useless when playing Xiao. The 2 Piece Set however gives you increased 15% Anemo Damage Bonus; Anemo Damage is EXTREMELY useful as Xiao, this is most potent when using his Ultimate and his Elemental Skill. So using this 2 Piece Set is always a massive win.


Gladiator’s Finale as a 2 Piece is super useful, and as a 4 Piece is even stronger. Having the 2 Piece Set of Gladiator’s Finale gives you an 18% BOOST in overall Attack Damage. However if you get the 4 Piece Set then you get a 35% increase in damage, as well as a cosmetic energy Sword, Claymore or Polearm which just LOOK super cool. This Artifact is hard to find so for most team comps you’re better off using Viridescent Venerer. 



This is by far the best Spear overall for Xiao. This Spear has a base attack damage of 48, as well as massive amounts of CRIT chance of 22.1%. It also has a passive ability; on hit it will increase attack damage by 3.2% for 6 seconds, this passive also stacks up to 7 times, making it a total of 22.4% increase attack damage. While in this phase, the damage you deal to the enemies is also increase by 12%, making it an overall 34.4% damage increase. Which is just insane overall, and it is the highest DPS weapon on Xiao. 


Right off the bat; Skyward Spine is SUPER pretty to look at. It has a base damage of 48, same as the Jade Spear but its better in the regard that it brings a ton of Energy Recharge per hit and Xiao does like Energy Recharge. It has an increase CRIT chance of 8%, which is great but not as high as the Jade Spear, along with that it comes with an increased 12% attack speed. Charged Attacks have a 50% chance of doing an extra 40% Attack Damage in a specific radius. This is the second best option for Xiao as a weapon.


Since Xiao is a selfish Ultimate, he brings nothing much to the team but requires a ton of Anemo. So having another Anemo support character is very important for a good team composition with Xiao. You also need a healer on your team for obvious reasons, as well as a character with tons of passive resistance and defending.


Venti is one of the best characters to run with Xiao, mainly because she is an Anemo character who generates a ton of energy on her own. She also remains far away from the action as she is a ranged DPS character, so she can collect a bunch of energy without having to use too much of her own energy reserves. Having a Venti on your team leads to you saving up a bunch of Energy and you can safely spam your Ultimate as Xiao.


Now you can go with any healer you like, but personally our pick is Bennett. Bennett is just super cool as a character and has insane damage boost as well as the best heals in the game. However for this particular option you can choose any healer you’re comfortable with, but we do recommend you use Bennett as he is just top notch.


Jeanlee’s recent changes have made him so strong that there’s no way you pick another character for passive abilities than him. Even when he’s off the field, Jeanlee’s shield and a ton of different resistances make him the best stand out pick to be in a team with Xiao. This is a must pick character in usually any Team Composition now but definitely add him to one with Xiao and watch the power unfold.


Xiao’s a very easy to understand character. However his Selfish-DPS nature allows a ton of different team compositions to work with him well as a group of supports. We hope you like this guide that tells you details about the best artifacts to run, the best weapons to use and the best teams to have with Xiao in Genshin Impact


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