Squad up the World | Season 3 Trailer | Call of Duty® Warzone™

Call of Duty: Warzone has dropped a true to life realistic trailer that highlights the energizing 80s setting with an all-new guide. Players can start playing in the new setting when and download it right now, so tag your squads and drop in right now. 

Including a look at the game’s most recent upgrade, the two-minute secret plans ardent players for the battle royale’s third Black Ops Cold War-mixed season. Appearances from the hip-bounce, gaming, and pro athletics universes top off the screen, including Dennis Schroder, Gunna, Jack Harlow, Nadeshot, Saweetie, Swae Lee, and some more.

With all-new landing spots will be available, players can in any case expect some commonality when Verdansk gets a facelift sometime in the afternoon. Cold War-time Verdansk will contain a large number of the areas fans know and love. A state of area like Dam hasn’t been fabricated at this point, however the area returns under development and no longer squares water. A similar thought goes for a few different areas, be that as it may, places like Farmland and Prison appear to be to a great extent unaltered meanwhile.

Rare live-action footage aside, this trailer does briefly touch on the aftermath of the freshly concluded Wazone nuke event. Seasoned Warzone veterans will take note of the YouTube description – which includes the hashtag Verdansk 84 – which could hint at what’s in store for Warzone players this evening. We’re still waiting on part two of the aptly titled Destruction of Verdansk seasonal transition.

Setting aside the realistic uncommon trailer, this  does momentarily address the fallout of the newly finished up Wazone nuke event. Seasoned Warzone veterans will observe the YouTube depiction – which incorporates the hashtag Verdansk 84 – which could indicate what’s coming up for Warzone players this evening. We’re actually looking out for section two of the suitably named Destruction of Verdansk occasional change.

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