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Haunt Chaser – Review

Haunt Chaser is a single-player and co-op horror game. It’s an open world with lots of areas to discover, so you or your team will have a lot of ground to cover and secrets to unlock. With multiple missions and random mission selection each time you play, the scares are different each time.

The team over at Clock Wizard Games changes the world and main mission for every season, so if you have the game and have already beat chapter one, you’ll get more chapters every season.


The main thing you need to do is collect item pieces that are scattered around the map. To do this, you need to carry out a mission, for example: opening a secret red door or listening in the kitchen for clues with your Parabolic Microphone while the main ghost is trying to hunt you down. If you’re just looking to play out the story, I would recommend you setting the AI on Easy mode as it’s too broken on Normal to enjoy the game. If you want a friend to scare you, there’s also a 1 vs 4 mode.


In Haunt Chaser you are equipped with a lot of tools such as Specialist Cameras /Mystic Stone EMF Readers, Parabolic Microphone, and not to mention the Sigil which you use to ward off the ghost chasing you.

Haunt and Chaser

The Chaser must carry out the mission and use the equipment given to banish the evil spirit, the Haunt, that is haunting the area. The Haunt isn’t passive while this is happening and will do its best to stop you. If one of your team gets caught, don’t worry. The other player can go to the cemetery to try to find your grave and bring you back to the game. If all 4 players get taken out, the ghost wins. If you banish the spirit, the Chasers win. Simple.

Random world events

Whether you are exploring the orphanage, random buildings, or other places, there’s always a different creepy event waiting to scare you. I think this is a really cool mechanic, and while Haunt Chaser utilizes jump scares, it’s well-executed and doesn’t come across as cheap. This game just really wants to scare you.


There are very few puzzles, but the ones that it does have are quite good. These will make you and other players spread out across locations to find various clues. From a painting puzzle to a door code puzzle, you’ll be kept on your toes as you deal with the random events at these locations while keeping an eye out for the ghost itself.


The game has good graphics. I only wish they made the main ghost scarier as it looks like Voldemort’s cousin trying to hug you. The random event ghosts are far scarier, which makes it even more egregious.


The sound in this game is really good. The environmental sounds, music, and sound effects add up to build a chilling ambiance that keeps players on edge, and with 7.1 surround sound, it’s truly amazing.


When starting the game on Normal, the AI is pretty rough and unforgiving, but playing it on Easy is far more enjoyable. Also, the Sigil seems a bit useless as you have your Proton Light to ward off the ghost, but it’s there if you need it I guess. After 10 minutes of playing, when you figure out what the objectives are, it gets pretty exciting and scary. I and my team didn’t expect what would be waiting for us in some areas, and even when we kind of went off-script and explored things that weren’t on the mission list, it was really exciting. Definitely a game worth recommending.



  1. absolutly love this game its super fun!!! We love it so much that we started streaming it on twitch and evodance have been giving copies out for free


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