SkyFactory 4 | Modded Minecraft – Part 2

Howdy Everyone!

Did you reach the position where we left the last time? if yes, then I am back with another blog, giving you all the info needed to approach the game and go forward. Shall we start now?

Let’s Go!. Today’s main goal would be to get Cobblestone Generator working, for that we will learn how to get water, lava & glass, so keep reading & watch the video where you need the assistance.

Reaching the Ultimate Goal

I’m sure you must have been grinding for the materials from the trees and storing them because we will be needing them for reaching the ultimate goal.

The Cobblestone block is made with petrified acorns & resins we need 4 acorns and 5 resins to make one cobblestone, use the crafting recipe on the right for the help and make one or use the JEI (the search menu in the crafting window). Make 8 cobblestones for the furnace(1:38).

The Furnace is the Vanilla one, u can make it by placing 8 cobblestones in a crafting station or table making a circle, and leaving the middle empty.

Bonsai Pots

These pots are the starting point for automation in the mod. These pots are used to plant the trees in them so that they grow in them giving us more space to plant multiple trees as they only take 1 block space & trees placed in them are easily harvested. We don’t need to place sapling every time it will keep growing again and again from the same sapling. For making bonsai pots you will need clay. For making clay, clay acorns & resins will be used to make a clay block, then we will use the clay block & put it in crafting to get clay.

Clay Block

Now after obtaining clay, we will obtain brick by smelting the clay in the furnace, we need 5 bricks to make 1 Bonsai pot. Take the bricks out of the furnace and place them as shown in the picture below(2:55).


Now Place the Bonsai pot down, then place the dirt in it then plant the sapling, and watch the tree grow(3:50). Harvest the tree when it’s fully grown by right-clicking the bonsai pot with a tool. Now go ahead and make more Bonsai Pots.

We will now need to craft dirt as Bonsai Pots needs dirt to be placed in them, as to plant the saplings in them. We discussed how to craft dirt in the previous blog, read it if you haven’t.

Bonsai pot on ground

Bonsai pots will be upgraded to make them fully automatic, and then we won’t even need to harvest them. You just need to wait for it.

Water Water Everywhere

I struggled with this bit, but when I get to know it, I felt stupid about it. To Get Water take 10 Sapling of any kind and place them in crushing tub then jump, it will produce water. Crush all the 10 saplings to get 1 bucket full(6:40).

You will now have a bucket that can store water in early games.

For getting a basic bucket we can use clay to make one like this, then place it in a furnace to make the bucket solid(6:16).

After making the bucket pick up the water from the crushing tub and voila achievement done, do it again & make an infinite water source(7:00).

Oh It’s Hot!

We will now get Lava for us, it is simple but we need to make a stone cauldron, yep you are thinking right, we can make any type of cauldron and not just iron one. Use the Same Recipe as the Vanilla one and place Stone to make the Cauldron.

After getting the Cauldron you now need to place it above a torch. To Place the torch as I did, refer to this time stamp 10:00.

This is the Recipe

Now, Get 4 Cobblestone and right-click them on the cauldron, it will consume the cobble and will give you lava(10:30). Now Pick up the lava with a bucket.

Pro Tip:-

You can Repair tools by placing them with the block they were made with, in crafting.

Sapling time (Sand)

(11:55)To get sand sapling we need to crush gravel in crushing tub to obtain sand acorns, after obtaining acorns put them like the image and then grind for the saplings old-fashioned way as the Bonsai pots have a very low chance of dropping saplings.

Cobblestone Generator

For the ultimate goal of getting the cobble generator, we would need 1xglass, 1xWater bucket, 1x Lava Bucket & 6xCobblestone.

First, we will make Sand by placing sand acorns & resins in this pattern, then smelting the sand to get Glass, the vanilla way.

We Will Now Take out all the materials required to make Cobblestone Generator and put them in crafting, as shown in the picture below(13:58). Now, place it on the floor and put a chest above it so the generator can fill something, the generator needs something to store the cobble, it does not throw the cobble out itself.

the recipe
the generator

The Green Thing on the Floor

Let’s make this green thing, you might have guessed it, but I am not gonna tell ya. For this thing, we would need a bucket of water some leaves(any type) & dirt.

Place water in the cauldron and then right-click the dirt on the water to convert the water to mud(15:32).

Now, Right-click the Leaves on the mud and it will consume the mud and convert the leaves too, you guessed it, Grass!. Now we know how to make grass, go ahead and have fun with it. It is easier to get a lot a grass than it is to get dirt. Also, you should now replace the dirt in the Bonsai pots with the grass, as grass have a much higher chance of dropping stuff from the trees, just break the pot and replace it with grass(15:53).

New Crook!

Now, we can upgrade our crook to a stone one.

Now place the rods in the way shown on the right to obtain the crook, this crook is much faster and durable than a wooden one.

We first need to make a stone rod, follow this recipe on the left to make a stone rod.

Wrapping Up

Today was a big day for us, we started some automation learned to make grass & cobblestone will be unlimited now. Hope you guys are enjoying the videos and the blogs, will be back with another part in some days, ask any questions if any, in the comment box.

Cya Fellas!


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