Final Fantasy XIV: Amaro Hatchlings and You


Greetings! Today I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine who will be instrumental in discussing today’s topic: Amaro Hatchlings. You can call her Sparki.

A small amaro with a conspicuous fluffy white beard saunters into view.

“Hey there! Happy to be here, hello to all the adventurers in the Source and the First alike! Never thought I’d be on a platform that would allow me to speak to people in two worlds. Awesome!”

Glad to have you here! As an Amaro, I thought you’d be able to share some words of wisdom regarding the Amaro Hatchlings certain adventurers have taken on as minions. Who else would be more qualified to tell people what an Amaro likes?

“You got that right! As one of the few Amaros hanging around that learned how to talk, it’s my duty to make sure you all know what’s what! So you’d all better cop a squat and listen, got it?”

Somehow I knew she’d only have decent manners for five seconds.

“You got that right, too! Anyway, a disclaimer: I don’t have any hatchlings myself, but all these little ones coming out are basically as good as cousins to me, so if you mess up and make any of them sad, I’m coming for you! The bottoms of your trousers are forfeit! And maybe your whole tush if I catch up to you fast enough.”

You heard her. Let’s get to it so we can save the collective rear ends of our adventurers.

How to Get an Amaro Hatchling and Care for It

So, let’s begin with the basics. If someone wishes to obtain an Amaro Hatchling, how should they start?

“Well! First off, aside from the folks who have proven themselves as rookery keepers, Amaro Hatchlings aren’t given out to just anyone. And don’t you even think about trying to just scoop one up out of the wild! Forget your tush, your whole arm is forfeit if you do that. Maybe your head too if one of my bigger friends are nearby.”

That doesn’t answer the question. Also, threatening the audience tends to make them leave.

“Fine, fine. If you really want an Amaro Hatchling, you’ve got to really prove yourself in the First. It’s a lot of work, but if you really want one, you’ll be more than ready for the grind. What you have to do is get every Shared FATE in the First to Level 3. You pop open that thing that shows you your progress, and every little symbol should be filled. Every single one. And then you can go to the Crystarium, and Mr. Gramsol should finally have his stock in. Said stock includes an Amaro Hatchling for 400 bicolored gemstones! That’s not bad at all. He should charge more.”

It really does sound cheap, but considering how much effort you have to put in, it’s a perfect price.

“Bah. Like I said, that should be nothing for people who are really committed to taking care of their hatchling.”

You do have a point. What tips do you have for caring for the hatchling?

“Be nice to your new kiddo and give them lots of pets. Even Amaro who have been masterless since before the Flood of Light love a good petting. Be sure to expose them to lots of people and places, too. Proper handling and socialization is important for anyone, but especially for an Amaro. We love people, we do, but you need to nurture that love! Even if we sometimes pull on your clothes and nudge you forward when you least expect it.”

“…Don’t make a joke about my socialization. I can see you planning on it. Anyway! One more thing! Most rookery folks make perfectly fine Amaro feed. Follow their instructions for portions and timing and you’ll be good to go, but if you want to really treat your Amaro? Find them a nice fish! It shouldn’t be the core of the diet, but a fish for lunch every now and then is wonderful!”

Rookery keepers are important authorities on Amaro care, but you just got a tip straight from the source. A source who will pester you personally if she finds your care lacking.

“Meet me nice!”

What about Sparki?

Sparki, I think some people in the audience might be curious about you. Why don’t you tell them about yourself?

“Gladly! See, I was around in Seto’s early days. I would run up to him and Ardbert and give them what-for! I mean, I wasn’t talking then, so all Ardbert heard was a bunch of gweeing, but Seto knew what I meant, and he’d always tell me to shut up and stop trying to bite Ardbert’s ankles. Then the rookery keeper would come in and grab me and that’d be the end of that, but I always made an effort to sneak through the fence and say hi whenever they came around.”

You’ve got a bit of history behind you, then. Speaking of which, did you ever have a master before settling down with the others in Wolekdorf?

“Yes, I did! A cute little Dwarf lady with just as much vim and vigor as me. People would joke that our beards matched, and while my beard is more of a weird happening, I appreciated it all the same. We flew all over the First, even the areas beyond Norvrandt, making and selling things and doing a few missions here and there. Then the Flood of Light happened, and, well, y’know. I think it caught her, because I didn’t see her again. I miss her. Amaros don’t really wag their tails, but sometimes I do, and she always laughed at me when I wagged so hard my whole butt would wag.”

A tense beat passes.

“Curse you, you made me sad! I demand pets and the opportunity to sleep on your bed tonight.”

I’ll gladly pet you, but I can’t promise the bed thing. In fact, why don’t we call audience members up here to pet you too?

“A smashing idea! Maybe I can do the question asking this time.”


That’s all the time we have for today. I hope this session was at least a little informative and gave you a good understanding of what’s required to acquire and care for an Amaro Hatchling. Incidentally, if you’d like to meet another minion, the Great Serpent of Ronka has introduced herself here.

“Oh, hey, it’s Beans! I know her! We go on adventures every once in a while when she’s not busy being a minion or whatever.”

You ought to tell us about those adventures!

“Maybe next episode, wink-wink!”

Sounds like a plan. If you wish to pet Sparki or ask her questions (about Amaros or in general), you may do so in the comment section.

“Yeah, come on! I won’t bite unless you’ve been up to no good.”

Thank you for stopping by!


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