Valheim Base Building Tips & Tricks – Build Guide

In this Valheim base building gameplay guide I show you tips and tricks on how to build both a mountain home in a secret underground castle ruin in a Survival Builder game and also a starter house guide. These procedurally generated underground ruins create secret basements mined into the side of hills and the mountain biome in Valheim.

Valheim Building Tips

You can create a wooden starter house using these stone base’s or you can create a full castle build. I will show you how to create a starter home and how to build a castle in Valheim.

This base is very fast to build and setup compared to building a wooden house the same size. Valheim is a survival builder game that released in early access on steam in 2021. This Valheim gameplay walkthrough review will be aimed at beginners starting their first base in the planes biome in Valheim. I suggest makeing a portal to get to and from this base.

The nice thing about building on a rock is it supports the structure completely and you don’t need to worry about flattening the ground or laying foundations. I will also show you how to create dormer windows and balconies and how to furnish the building.

For more Valheim tricks or Valheim tips I also have guides on beating all the bosses and different areas of the game from the starting Meadow area to the Dark Forest, Mountain biome, swamp biome and the planes biome.

This Valheim house is really just for the mountain biome though these stone structures can be found in other areas of the map.

Video chapters

0:00​ Build summary
0:55​ Starter mountain house build guide
4:40​ Finished starter base walkthrough
5:31​ Castle build guide
7:24​ Building the ground floor
8:41​ How to build a stone staircase
11:31​ Building the first floor
12:39​ Building the windows
14:18​ Building the top floor
14:47​ Building the roof
16:38​ Enhancing the exterior architecture
17:30​ Finished castle tour walkthrough


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