Valheim – How To Give Yourself Admin and Run Commands – Private Server

Valheim Dedicate Server

Step #1 – Make sure your server is running. Open up your steam server list and connect to your server as soon as it becomes available.

Step #2 – Look back at your screen and you should see yourself connecting. Look for the command line that has “got handshake” and copy the steam id. Close out of your game and server.

Step #3 – Now, hold start, and press “r”. Copy this into the run dialogue box.

– LocalLow: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/

Step #4 – Press Ok. Now, open up the Iron Gate folder. Open Valheim –> Then open adminlist.txt

Step #5 – with adminlist.txt open – paste in your steam ID into the space below.

valheim give admin

Step #6 – Save this file (important).

Step #7 – Launch your server.

Step #8 – Join your server. Enter your password, and you should be logged in.

Step #9 – You now have admin on your server!


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