Valheim – All Bosses and Materials – Full Guide

Complete Guide – Early Game To End Game

Whether you are looking for boss locations, ore locations, weapons and armour tiers, best foods, and even everything else – this Valheim guide is the one for you. The guide is broken into time stamps as well so that you can skip to different parts without spoilers. Also, keep in mind that this game is still in early access – so all this is subject to change.

Early Game

Once the bird has dropped you into the game, you will see a ruin right there at the start. Click on it, as it will give you the location of Eikthyr – the first boss in Valheim. Eikthyr looks like an enraged, heavy metal Reindeer. He looks awesome. Luckily, you don’t have to engage with him just yet…

valheim - early game ruin

The next thing you should focus on in the early game is collecting things. Literally. You need to gather pretty much anything that is not nailed down – berries, mushrooms, rocks, wood, stones, etc. You will be needing these resources in abundance, so grab everything you can.

Next, once you have enough wood – it is time to craft a club and a hammer. The hammer should be used for building and the club well – that should be straightforward enough. The club should be used to defend yourself and, to a lesser degree, hunting animals.

Equip the hammer and use it to create a workbench. The workbench can be used to repair your items as well. Repair your club / hammer anytime you get a chance.

Over the workbench, you will need to build a roof. Having a roof will help allow you to complete repairs on your weapons and equipment – get that done asap.

valheim workbench roof

The next step is to craft an axe. An axe will allow you to chop down thicker trees (no need to punch thickets any more!). A fireplace will allow you to cook food and stay warm. Pull out your club and collect some meat – boars, wolves, etc.

Build a House

I recommend building the house in the meadows. In the meadows you can always see where you are in the top right corner of the mini map. It is also close to the water, where you can find a lot of food and other resources that are helpful later on in the game.

There is a lot of sailing in Valheim, so having a harbour close to your house is nice. Less travel, more sailing. Also, remember to tag dungeons on your map with the tagging feature.

With a club, kills some boars – you will get scraps from them which are an integral part of making a bow. A bow allows you to kill deers much easier. Deers allow you to make leather armour. Now, with your leather armour equipped, try to take out a few trolls so you can create troll armour. Now you are ready to battle the first boss – Eikthyr.

First Boss – Eikthry aka Deer Boss

While running around, you will eventually find a dungeon. Inside the dungeon(s) you will find a few things – surtlings (pronounced scuttling?) are of particular interest. Collect as many as you can, as they will enable you to build both charcoal kiln and a furnace.

Inside the dungeons you will also find the location of the second boss. Once you’ve finished a dungeon, you should be ready to attack the first boss. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your equipment, especially your armour and weapons before the battle.

To summon the first boss, click on your map and click on the rune and head over. You will need two deer trophies to summon the boss. To beat the boss, you will probably want to equip a bow and arrow as it allows you to keep your distance while inflicting decent damage. Dodge the electric strikes. Repeat until you beat him.

Once you beat him, you will get his head as a trophy – which you can put on the stone at the start. Place the head on the stone near the start, and press “F” to get the buff. It will give you a nice increase to your run and jump stamina (both).

Second Boss Elder

Take the antlers you got from killing the first boss and make a pickaxe from them. With this you should be able to mine both tin and copper in the blackforest. Tin is found near the shores.

Take the copper and throw them in the furnace from earlier. You will now be able to create copper bars which you can place in your fancy forge. This will allow you to create bronze bars, which you can then use to create bronze armour. Also, get a fermenter!

Now, create a new axe with the bronze. This axe is great for chopping down trees and creating fine wood.

Also, you will want to create nails from the bronze. These nails can be used in the construction of a fancy boat. When travelling by boat – bring your bow and arrows – lots of arrows – as you will be attacked by a lot of serpents. Kill the serpents, keep the meat. Also, you will probably see a few turtles on the sea – mine them for their chitin (“Kai Tin”).

With the chitin you can make a sweet new harpoon and a sharp knife.

The next thing you may want to do is build tele-porters. Get to the new land, place the tele-porter, one in your base, and one on the new island.

Elder Boss – Summoning Circle. Once you’ve made it to the summoning circle – you can summon him with some seeds. The second boss is not very difficult, so use your bow and arrows to defeat him. Collect the elder boss key, and hold on to it.

Find The Valheim Merchant

Find the merchant is not straightforward – but we have a quick and easy way. Head back to the main menu, click on a new server, and type this beside “Seed”.

Name: Merch
Seed: 42069lolxd

Head down south, follow the ocean, you’ll see a bit of land and eventually you’ll see the merchant on your map. You can click sell and sell any valuables you don’t need. Note: The merchant sells very good stuff. A fishing rod, bait, and a killer Santa Hat. Hell ya.


This is the hardest boss in the game. Head first towards swamp dungeon – remember you got the key from killing the other boss. This key opens swamp dungeons. Open one, and you’ll find scrap iron to smelt as well as big withering bones. Collect at least 10 to summon the boss.

Also, you will want to find the location of the next boss.

Head back to your boat with the iron, smelt it and then make it into iron weapons and iron armour. Also, if you opt to make an iron pickaxe, you can mine obsidian now (black rocks on mountains). Also, you can make a stone cutter, which will allow you to make stone buildings (in case that’s your thing). Iron nails will also allow you to make a longboat. Good stuff.

Now, take your 10 withering bones, put them on the alter, and get ready to fight Bonemass. He is a difficult boss to kill. Consider making an iron mace to deal with him, as he is weak to blunt items. Also, make some poison mead to help handle the poison that he spreads. This is made in a fermenter.

Bonemass drops a wishbone – and it can be used to find silver ore in mountains and scrap iron in swamps. It is very useful!

Remember to upgrade your base as well, as the longer the game goes on and the more bosses you defeat – the more monsters and NPC’s are going to come after you. Prepare accordingly.

Dragon Moder

Get ready to head over to the mountains! The mountains are cold and treacherous. You will be taking on Wyverns, golems, and other assorted mountain protectors. Before you hit the slopes, double check that you have some frost mead for the trip. It will help you take less damage from the cold. Use the wishbone to get some silver.

valheim complete guide

Now that you have silver – head out and kill some lox. You can make a lox cape that will keep you nice and warm while trekking around the mountains. Now find three dragon eggs and a Draugr camp in the mountains. Look out for a room that will show you the location of the dragon boss. If the boss is far away, prepare to jump on your boat for a final journey.

Once you make it to the summon circle, drop all three eggs and summon Moder. He is hard to kill, but you can take him down with some needle arrows and some well place shots. Once you beat him, he will drop some dragon tears which you can use to create an artisan table. This table can then be used to craft a windmill, furnace, and spinning wheel.

Grab Moder’s head and place it on the pedestal at the start to get a nice buff. Nice. Also, you can use the windmill with barley to create wheat, one of the best types of food in the game. Also, if you collect some flax, you can use that in the spinning wheel to create linen.

Final Boss Yagluth

While out and about on the plains, you will probably have come across some totems. These totems can be found inside the forts and camps. Collect 5 of them.

With needle arrows and an iron bow it relatively easy to take out Yagluth. There is a statue in the center of the ground that is the summoning circle for him. Summon him, once he raises his arm in the air – dodge his fireballs and he is pretty easy to kill. He will drop a trophy which will eventually give you a buff that makes you able to withstand elemental damage.

Guide Timestamps

Phase early game: 0:42​ – 2:11
Phase First Boss Eikthyr: 2:12​ – 4:02
Phase Second Boss Elder: 4:02​ – 6:22
Merchant Location: 6:23​ – 7:27
Phase Third Boss Bonemass: 7:28​ – 10:04
Phase Fourth Dragon Boss Moder: 10:05​ – 12:31
Phase Fifth Boss Yagluth 12:32​ – 14:34


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