Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Game Review

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, or “TABS” for short, was meant to be an April Fool’s thing from the makers of Cluster Truck. This game is absolutely whacky. If you like unrealistic, ragdoll physics, “50 cal” guns that send you flying any which way, and spaghetti arms that would make Gumby jealous – this is the game for you.

Battle Royale – With A Twist

Tabs starts out like a usual Battle Royale game – you get dropped into battle and you have to go and scavenge for weapons and supplies etc. You can get all different types of power-ups, like weird halo type rings that give your character bonus stats. You can also get poison type things, and you get multiple slots so having dual pistols, for example, is totally feasible. Also, did I mention that there are vehicles in the game? Bicycles, motorbikes, well, push bikes…

Heavy Weapons

While the game has the usual suspects in terms of weapons (pistols, machine guns, etc), it also has some very unique ones as well. One good example is a crossbow that shoots balloons that send you up in the air – very unique! Another is the orbital strike grenades that seemingly call in an air strike from a satellite. Or the super whacky cage guns and portal guns. There are so many unique weapons that are made even more whacky when combined with the hyper-absurd game physics.

Quick Play

One of the biggest advantages of the game is the quick play / drop in options. You don’t have to wait around in lobbies waiting for games to launch. Simply log in and drop in and start shooting. You start off on a bus (similar to Cluster Truck) and you just cannonball out and into the game. You’ll now have a chance to collect supplies (read: weapons) and presto, you are into the fray.


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is an incredibly fun game that does not take itself seriously at all. If you are considering playing it, I highly recommend you not take the game too seriously neither, as it is a tongue-in-cheek bonkers romp of a game that will have you laughing your face off non-stop. Let’s get ready to WOBBLE!!!


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