Friday Night Funkin’ – Mommy and Daddy Get Divorced – FULL WEEK

Friday Night Divorcin’

All is NOT WELL between Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest and you guessed it, they want a divorce. Turns out Mommy wants to leave Daddy and take their daughter and Daddy ain’t having it. Mommy goes FULL KAREN, and Daddy is no cuck, and he’ll fight to keep his daughter. Get ready for an epic Friday Night Funkin’ Rap battle between girlfriends parents! Don’t let them divorce!


Mommy Mearest – “I want a divorce”.

Daddy Dearest – “What”.

Mommy Mearest – “You heard me”.

Daddy Dearest – “Shit”.

Mommy Mearest – “I’m also taking our daughter”.

Daddy Dearest – “I think not foolish woman”.

Mommy Mearest – “Excuse me”?

Daddy Dearest – “You heard me”.

Mommy Mearest – “Dick”.


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  • Divorce


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