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New World: The BEST Territory Standing Upgrades! Avoid THESE Mistakes!

Which Territory Cards To Choose?

One of the most frequently asked questions for New World is definitely – which territory cards should I choose? There are some cards to avoid, and some cards that you should pick every single time.

So, a little backstory for those who don’t know. Whenever you level up a territory, you will be given the choice of three cards to increase your effectiveness within that territory. These don’t spread across territories, so knowing which zones you are going to do what in, makes this much more effective. For instance, if you plan on doing all your crafting and gathering in Monarch’s Bluffs, then you want to take all gathering and crafting cards when you level up that area. If you plan on farming faction missions in the Great Cleave, then you want to take Faction Tokens for that one. So, don’t just have a set idea of always choosing one or the other. With that being said, there are some cards that are worth more than others, so let’s go through those.

Ranking for Territory Standing Cards


New World is a game where you collect and hold onto TONS OF STUFF. Being able to have more storage in the shed is literally priceless. Take this card every time it comes up.

Crafting and Trading Tax

These are incredibly important in starting zones because that’s where most people are going to be trading until they reach late game, after which the trading moves to endgame zones. So it’s highly recommended that you take both of these cards when you can at level up.

Also, make sure to move these cards around a bit. If you continue to take the exact same card every time in a row, then the value slowly diminishes. So take crafting one time, then trading another, for instance. This will help avoid that penalty system.

One big rule to follow is to not choose the XP gain card. This is a fantastic card for leveling, but the issue is that it becomes useless at level 60 since you no longer gain XP. We are choosing cards that will have a strong return on investment and help us out throughout our New World adventure rather than just leveling.

Now, there is a caveat for this. If you want to split your bonuses into leveling zone vs. housing zone, you can do that too. Instead of storage or house items, take XP gain to give a bump in those regions.

I mentioned that certain zones are better at certain things, so let’s talk a little a bit about which zone is most likely going to benefit from certain cards more than others.

This list is 100% my opinion and as with all things in New World, you need to choose things that best fit your playstyle – these are just ideas for those who want a little direction. Also, make sure to put house items near the top of your priority list in whatever zone you plan to have a house in.

• First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward

Because these starting zones are where most players will spend a huge chunk of time, crafting fees, trading post activity, and gathering is heavy here. So any company that takes these areas will likely crank up the taxes to generate some strong income early. To avoid being ransacked, focus on Trading Tax, Crafting Fees, and Gathering Speed cards.

• Brightwood

Brightwood is where things start to focus less on trading, and more on things like Faction missions and crafting. I would recommend you take Faction Tokens, Territory Standing, and Crafting Fees cards.

• Weaver’s Fen

Again, Weaver’s Fen isn’t going to be a huge trade hub, so lowering your crafting Fees, and increasing your Faction Tokens and Territory Standing is recommended.

• Mourningdale

Focus on things like Gathering Speed and Crafting fees.

• Cutlass Keys

Because this is a fantastic region for Silver and Gold, I plan on taking Gathering Speed, then slotting in some faction tokens and territory standing cards

• Restless Shore

Focus on things like Faction Tokens, Gathering Speed, Territory Standing, and any housing items you want.

• Reekwater

For me, Trading Fees, Crafting Fees, Gathering Speed, and Territory Standing.

• Ebonscale

Gathering Speed, Crafting Fees, and Property Tax if you want a house.

• Final three endgame zones – Great Cleave, Edengrove, and Shattered Mountain

I would take Faction Tokens, Territory Standing, and Gathering Speed. Because these areas have lots of top-end resources, gathering quickly will help run farming routes a little easier.

Now like I said, obviously all of these are my personal opinion and may not be the right ones for some people. Just remember to look at each zone, understand the resources available there and the quests you’ll be doing, and the general purpose of that area to know what cards you should take.



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