Top 5 BEST Faith Weapons in Elden Ring (& Where To Find Them!) – Elden Ring Damage Scaling In-Depth

Top 5 Best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring!

In this video tutorial you are going to learn how damage scaling works and how to get the most damage out of your weapons in Elden Ring.

In regards to scaling, note that as your weapons scale up, you will get more and more damage. This is something not all new players understand completely, and it is covered in this tutorial video.

#5 – Golden Halberd

This weapons gets “D” faith scaling, and its Ash of War allows you to increase your attack and defense for a while. Also, it’s move set is solid, though the only downside to this weapon is the 30 strength requirement. You have to be strong to wield this bad boy, but that makes perfect sense as Halberd’s are not meant to be light. If you go a Faith + Strength build this is a very solid option.

#4 – Coded Sword

This sword gets A faith based scaling at rank 6 and it starts with “b”. This is the highest starting faith weapon in the game. It also does a crazy Ash of War holy blade slash. It also has an unblockable attack, which might make it a strong PvP weapon as well. All that said, the reason this weapon is not #1 is because of its low attack power. It can take quite a while to kill enemies because it missing physical damage.

#3 – Put Faith Scaling on Bleed Weapons!

The two best bleed weapons which you can put faith scaling on are the scythe which can be found in the cliff bottom catacombs. The second weapon that works well is the Uchigatana.

#2 – Black Gargoyle Weapons

These weapons are acquired from killing the black Gargoyle (these weapons are very hard to acquire). You have to take on a very nasty boss to get these weapons, so brace yourself! They do tonnes of damage, both in the holy and physical department.

#1 – Winged Scythe

This is a unique scythe that comes with the best Ash of War. The first spinning attack does huge damage, a long range, and it gets “C” faith scaling. This weapon does heavy damage, and it is probably the best Faith based weapon in the game.

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