Sign of Silence – Game review

In its current format, Sign Of Silence is a decent game however it could become an excellent game with a few tweaks and fixes.

The gist of the game is you get lost deep in the forest of Massachusetts near a town called Danville. Side note: I kinda wonder if one of the game developers names is Dan… I digress. In Sign Of Silence, there are three ways to win. You can take a service elevator, fly off in a helicopter, or drive off in a boat. Obviously.


The biggest pro of this game is, by far, the sound. If this game was graded on sound alone, it would get a 10/10. The background, ambient noise is incredible. It has all the sounds you’d expect to hear if you were out wandering alone in a haunted ghost town and then some.

Not only is the ambient sound good, the sound effects, particularly when you’re being chased by a ghost or similar creature, are excellent. I had my headphones on medium settings and I got the sh*t scared out of me more than a few times. The Jump scares in this game are intense and they often come when you least expect them.

The game has an outhouse.


While this game is quite fun and has a lot going for it, there are a lot of things I didn’t care for in this game.

First off, the tutorial does not go into any depth or add any value whatsoever. It feels like an after thought.

The developers should either do it right or simply skip it and hope people figure out the buttons.

The game needs voice comms – like Phasmophobia has. Hopefully they are added in a future update.

The lack of a map, or even a compass, is frustrating. I really had no idea where the hell I was going at any point in time. I found myself running in a direction and simply hoping that I would find the items and objectives as I went. This is not a good plan for a game of this size.

Lastly, I found the multiplayer to be very enjoyable. And buggy. The first time I tried to join a game the “host” was clearly AFK. We were unable to kick him / her, start the match, or even join a different game. Every time I left the match and clicked “join the game” I was put in the same game. Very frustrating.

I will note however that when I tried again a few hours later, I was able to join an active game (me + 3 randos) and it was a lot of fun. The “type to talk” was a little annoying, but it was better than silence.



The game is fun, especially when playing multiplayer, however it is also quite buggy as well.


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