How To Get The BEST Sword In Elden Ring EARLY! The Sword Of Night And Flame

Sword Of Night And Flame

Get the best early sword in Elden Ring without having to fight a single soul! The Sword of Night and Flame is a straight sword with standard/pierce – it scales off intelligence and faith. In fact, you need an intelligence of 24 and a faith of 24 to wield the weapon.

This sword is considered a legendary armament and it comes with a unique skill called Night and Flame dance. You hold the sword level and prepare to cast a sorcery, then follow up with a Night Comet Sorcery – or sweet forward with a burst of flames.

To get the weapon, you do not have to defeat Margit, which means you can acquire it early. You can go around the back of the castle. You’ll want to have your mount unlocked already, and once you get to Stormhill Shack – you will want to run straight up the road and under the bridge.

Make your way up to the Northern Liurna Lake Shore, avoiding all the enemies on your way (unless you are later into the game). Follow the road, and run into the ruins. There is a wall there, and all you need to do is smack the wall and it will allow you to continue running through.

Keep on running, and watch out for the nasty stuff falling from the sky. Try to avoid getting hit, obviously. Once you get to the entrance of Caria Manor, hug the left side of the path. Try to avoid all of the little hands in the ground, as they are capable of one-shotting you.

Go to the top of the building, continue along the path, and avoid everything that spawns. Now jump down two levels of the keep, go down the ladder, and loot the chest!

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