Top 5 scariest Halloween games

Cornish Games Night, a connoisseur of scary games, ranks the top five games to scare you this Halloween. He’s played a lot of horror games, and here are his favorites.

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#5 – White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

This is a scary survival horror game made in Korea that was published by Sonnori in 2001. The game was remade in 2015, and it is amazing. There was a lot of speculation as to why the original one never got finished.

There were rumors it made people depressed, gave them heart problems, and even schizophrenia. You play as a Korean kid that goes to school to give “white day” chocolates. You get locked in a school and it gets terrifying.

In 2015, the game was remade, and it was mind blowing. Absolutely traumatic. This game is great because you can actually take on side quests as well as the main story.

The “Janitor possessed by a little girl” is the least of your worries.

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#4 – Visage

This game would have been rated a lot higher, but the game is NOT FINISHED even after two years! Visage is a psychological horror. You play in a house that has a terrible past. Murders, suicide, and worse.

You will have to solve each and every chapter as to what happened in each room and to the family. The intro is well, it is hard to put into words.

This game is really, really damn good. And really, really scary. Oh, and you will love the Easter Eggs! Visage would have scored higher however it is still in early access and ya – it is time to release the finished product!

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#3 – Dungeon Nightmares II: The Memory

This is a first-person psychological horror that takes you through a journey of discovering what nightmares are. The game is inspired by classic roguelike games which include 100% procedural-generated maps and permadeath.

This game is a mountain of scares, and every corner you take in the game is damn scary. You need to look around the map, grab a key, wake up in your bed, and go into other rooms in the hotel. There are two possible endings, and there is no music.

Just weird noises. Jump scares are everywhere, and you will end up scared. Big time.

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#2 – Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

This game immerses you in a terrifying realistic environment with a haunting atmosphere and the need to survive. Armed with a battery-hungry flashlight, you explore what appears to be a quiet average-looking home in a woodsy neighborhood.

Essentially you go into a house (you’re a pizza guy) and you find out there is nothing but bad stuff going on. You get chased by a lady with a hammer. How cool is that?

You get chased by a lady with a hammer.

Oh, it gets worse. This game is in amazing VR, it is scary as hell. And you will find yourself fully immersed in the first few minutes. Download it and give it a try. Embrace the darkness!

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#1 – Fatal Frame (Project Zero in Europe)

This is Japanese horror at its finest! If you haven’t heard of this game, you’ve been sleeping under a rock! Or you are not a fan of being scared to hell. With your camera, you take pictures of ghosts.

The jump scares in this game are real, and the scare factor in this game is insane. The latest version of this game came out on the Nintendo Wii as well as a version on the Nintendo DS.

Get ready to scream like a little girl!

Let us know in the comments section below what you think of our list of the 5 scariest games to play on Halloween! Did we miss any?

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