Outriders – Cheaters Get A Permanent Watermark

If you are thinking about cheating when Outriders releases, you may want to think again. Do you remember The Scarlett Letter from highschool? Well, just like Hester Prynne wore an “A” in the 17th Century, cheaters in Outriders will be branded with a permanent “Cheater” watermark.

People Can Fly have indicated that rather than banning accounts, they’d rather shame them. I, for one, like this idea, and I hope that more developers / publishers take this approach in the future!

According to People Can Fly – anyone caught cheating will have a watermark attached to their HUD for everyone to see.

This is a Permanent Watermark! During the demo they found approximately 200 cheaters, with one Madlad giving himself over 600 legendary weapons!

Also, cheaters will have not be able to match with legit players and matchmaking will take a lot longer.

All accounts will be checked for cheating on Launch day = April 1st, and then at regular intervals.


AuthorCurtis Pyke
YouTuberMGN TV
ProgramFreedom! Scholarship
PublisherMGN TV

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