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Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs. Tricky Version 2 / Tricky Phase 3 Mod

Here it is, guys! The hardest Friday Night Funkin’ Mod yet – Tricky 2 or the “Full-Ass Tricky Mod”! This mod is literally impossible and it relies heavily on gimmicks. Tricky 2 has its own unique menu as well as 3 levels of difficulty. There are two modes, it appears – Clown and Freeplay mode.

There are so many notes on the screen, it’s hard not to hit the tricky notes. The mod gets you into a pattern and then they purposefully put a “tricky” note in there to throw you off. Phase 3 is virtually impossible. Also, Tricky turns into a MASSIVE, giant, red demon. Very cool stuff!


Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

Download Tricky Version 2 Mod / Full-Ass Tricky Mod here:




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