Reinventing Dreamscaper music with classical!

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You have probably heard about Dreamscaper, a game of adventure and epic battles made during the dreams/nightmares of Cassidy, the main character.

I tried to re-imagine the music based on my classical repertoire, adapted a little bit for the purpose 😀

How I chose the music

Well, I chose specifically the music you listen to, by trying to overlap what I actually hear and what I think about it.
For example: when you see at the beginning the nightmare monster I choose the excerpt from Scriabin’s ninth sonata (also known as “Black Mass” for its creepiness).

At this point you should (if you played the game) what music I chose for the first boss. I won’t spoiler you that 🙂

What’s the purpose of this video?

While the first thing I would say to answer this question is entertaining, the second thing (after thinking about it a little bit more) is: making my channel synesthetic, i.e. publishing music and an interesting visual. The purpose is to live music, not just hearing frequencies in Hz.

How long did it take to edit it?

It took a couple of months to practise the excerpts, adapting them, and editing the video. But consider that I did not stay entire days doing this (10-20 minutes per day and not constantly).

Comment where you want (either here or on youtube). Have a nice day!

P.S. I respect the original team who put the original game music. It’s only about experimenting here 😀

Hear the music!

0:00 – Ninth Sonata Incipit
0:32 – Ninth Sonata “Molto meno vivo, pur limpide”
1:15 – An adapted Rachmaninoff Prelude
2:03 – An Improvisation ad Libitum from this channel
5:10 – Impromptu Op.12 No.1
5:42 – Adapted Sixth Sonata Incipit
7:24 – Final boss (Seventh Sonata)


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