PlayStation 2021 Showcase – Reaction

PlayStation Showcase 2021 – What Showcase?

I was massively excited for this; it was hyped to insanity, and it was absolutely nothing. I’m getting this out of the way now, IT WAS BAD. I will tell you why I found it bad in a minute, but WHERE WERE THE 2021 TITLES? Where were the things we didn’t already know about? Bar Wolverine, which is incredibly hype, but no date so I expect 2025.

So, let’s start with the marketing. They said it would be a 40 min stream, however 5 minutes of it was taken up by an advert. Leaving just 35 minutes, surely the big hype announcements were on the way? Well not really. Of course, the Star Wars KOTOR remake is hype, but it is only a timed exclusive, with no footage and no release date.

Then there was Project EVE, a PC and PS5 title, that did look surprisingly decent. I am always up for an action game, and it looks like Sony’s investment into Asian devs may well be paying off.  However, and maybe this may be me being overly cynical, it didn’t look like anything special. It looked fun, but that is easy to do with these games, and it done absolutely nothing new. Not a bad entry for the stream.


What followed was Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which I am personally very hype for, and it was great to see footage, it did leave me wondering though… We were told about a unique spell casting system, yet we just saw more guns, and again this is multi platform. So while I am excited for this, it was a case of another multi plat game in a “PlayStation showcase”.

Then there was Forspoken, which does indeed look great and is an actual game and not a typical SE tech show off. I am excited for it, and I will buy it, but again it was a title already shown and one of many 2022 titles. It also doesn’t look like anything special, just your average fun romp. It is, however, an exclusive, which only one other game shown at this point was, which 15 mins in was fine.  However, after that it was just multi platforms for majority of the show.

tiny tina's wonderlands ps5

For some bizarre reason we saw more Rainbow Six Extraction for some reason, why this was here I do not know, and it took up 2 minutes. We did get a look at the Alan Wake remaster, which for me is personally very exciting but again, a multi-platform title, which is fine but again this was a PlayStation showcase and all that following for almost the entire show was multi platform titles.  We saw more GTA V for another 2 mins, because that’s what everyone wants to see right… It can only get better, right? Well not really.

What followed was a closer look at Ghostwire, but the trailer still lacked context, it is only a timed exclusive, and it didn’t even have a 2022 date, meaning it might end up hitting 2023 if they can not even promise 2022 at this point.  The next 6 minutes were taking up by the multi plat underwhelming GOTG game, the painfully average Vampire Masquerade Bloodhunt and then to everyone’s dismay 3 more minutes of Deathloop. At least this one is an exclusive even if yet again timed, but I don’t think anyone wanted to see more, at least not at a “PlayStation” showcase”.

We then got what may or may not be an exclusive, in the form of a very cryptic Kid Amnesia Exhibition, which looks to be another walking corridor horror sim that we have seen a million times before.  It was followed by Tchia which does not seem to be an exclusive, and while I’m sure it has its audience it will likely be a young audience, who really does not need a PS5, as this clearly will be on PS4.

The follow up to that was a remaster of Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, for PS5 and PC. Now this puts me in a weird spot as a PC owner and PS5 owner, I am very happy to get this on PC use a mouse for shooting and get very high fps at the resolutions I want. On the other hand it’s not much of a “PlayStation showcase”, in addition to that, why not simply bring the entire series, especially for PS5, surely porting the PS4 remasters and upping them to 4k60 couldn’t be that hard…

That left 8 minutes for the heavy hitters… Just 8 minutes out of the advertised 40 to talk about first party titles. In a way it started off strong, Insomniac are making a wolverine game, an “emotional” one with old Logan, which is incredibly hype but no date, and one would assume 2023, until we saw what followed shortly after, which makes me believe wolverine is likely as far out as 2025.  

We then got to see GT7, which does look amazing, and has a lot of features form previous games that people may not have been expecting. It looks visually great, and the content is without a doubt very high. It is however a 2022 title, 6 months away and cross-gen. It is fitting of a “PlayStation showcase” but I was left wondering about 2021… The answer to that was not great, but I will get to that later.

Gran Turismo 7 PS5

We then got to see a teaser for Spider-man 2, which is dated for 2023, which is why Wolverine is likely 2025. My problem with that trailer though is simple: No gameplay! We knew 2 was coming, we knew Miles and Spidey would be together, and we knew Venom was going to be in it. So, all the trailer did was serve as a reminder as to what we already knew.  It is still a title to be excited for, but nothing big “reveal wise”. Surely a new announcement of something we were not aware of, a reveal of something new and coming soon was around the corner, right? Sadly no, Wolverine was the only announcement and again while very exciting, it is also very far off.

The show then closed with God of War 2, officially titled God Of War Ragnarok. Now I have quite a few issues with this, even though the game looks absolutely amazing visually and as a sequel to GOW 2018. As I’ve already said the game looks fantastic but I was waiting for the date! I assumed and hoped given Horizon’s delay GOW2 would actually hit its promised 2021 date… Nope, not even a 2022 window, although I expect it to hit 2022. The problem here is it is yet another 2021 title that is not happening. The blog post says see you next year, so I am assuming this is a 2nd half of 2022 at best.

God Of War Ragnarok Release

That was it that was the show, now on one hand you could argue WOLVERINE, GOD OF WAR 2, SPIDER-MAN 2, GT 7 that’s one hell of a show. I would however beg to differ, for a few reasons.  For starters, only 2 of these titles will likely hit 2022, with one guaranteed and the other nearly certain. Spider-man 2 is 2023 and Wolverine likely further off. Which leaves only two games for 2022, both of which we already knew existed and while they look great there was no megaton reveal.

We heard about 25 games in dev, with over half being new IPs, how the show was about 2021, and the future of PlayStation yet no new IPs were shown, and only previous announced titles were shown. The 2021 stuff was all multi-platform. That is the problem, the end of 2021 is coming, the holiday season is near and there is no title to push it for xmas. On one hand there’s already some solid titles for it, but a lot are cross gen and there’s no big holiday title. MS has their first big title in fact the only big title for their new console since before their launch. It is however HALO.  This is where Sony has messed up for me. If you already own a PS5, then the amazing Ratchet and Clank is all you got. If you were holding out for more titles before you buy, again there’s nothing for you for this year. Holiday 2021 for the PS5 is incredibly dry.

This was no “PlayStation showcase” it was a multi-platform, previously announced extravaganza, with only a hint for a new title absolute years out and no acknowledgement that GOW 2 is missing it’s promised release date. Sony were completely silent about that, and it’s obvious why, as it is a very bad look. Neither were any of the “new IPs” or the other approximately ten games in development. I also am not sure where I sit with Wolverine being an exclusive. Sony seems to be getting all the actual big Marvel games as exclusives, which is not a good thing for consumers in my opinion. Yes, there’s Marvel Avengers, which has a great core ruined by GAAS trash, and GOTG looks very rough and incredibly average.

The big hitters are exclusive to Sony and I don’t think that’s good for anyone in the long run. So if you already own a PS5 – nothing for you this year! If you wanted a real reason to get one this year. The first year consisted of a cross-gen Spiderman, a next gen exclusive remake of a PS3 game, the amazing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and more great cross-gens.


Unless you are a Ratchet fan, this is absolutely zero reason to get one by Christmas if you already are one of the over 116 million PS4 owners. This was incredibly deflating, completely overhyped, and has me slightly concerned for PlayStation under Jim Ryan.  


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