CD Projekt Red Hacked – Given Ransom Demand

As reported on CD Projekt Red‘s Official Twitter Account – CD was hacked a few hours ago. The hackers have demanded a ransom, though the exact details of what they are looking for are not stated yet. Probably money, but given the acrimony they have garnered lately for their Cyberpunk 2077 launch – it could be something more. We will try not to speculate.

CD Projekt Red Ransom Note

CDPR has released an image of the hackers demands, as well as their own response in kind. The Hackers message was both poorly written and formatted (free version of Grammarly anyone)? so make of that what you will. That said, they did threaten to dump all of their source code for a number of their games, as well as a long list of internal, and private, documents. They were given a total of 48 hours to comply with the ransom demands.

No matter what your thoughts are about CD Projekt Red as a whole, the threatened release of private, employee documents is clearly wrong. Sorry digital pirates, you are in the wrong on this one.

Lastly, it should be noted that CD Projekt Red has stated clearly that they will not give in to any demands. They have begun restoring their data and any parties that may be compromised (particularly employees) have been made aware of the situation.

Also, CD PR doesn’t believe that any player data has been effected and / or compromised – at least at the time of this writing. The breached systems did not contain any game users personal data.

If any further info becomes available, we will report here.

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