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New World Weapon Mastery Guide Part 9 – Fire Staff

The pyromaniacs among us are going to have a field day with this one because there’s very little more satisfying in a video game than having your gaze make the flesh of your enemies bubble and sizzle. If you’re not interested in role-playing an Industrial Revolution-era version of Voldemort, well, this fire staff guide won’t be much help to you. But, if you like the idea of being the smartest person in the room to the point that all others present are continuously in danger of spontaneous combustion, then you’re in luck because here’s part nine of the weapon mastery guide for Amazon’s new MMO New World: the Fire Staff!

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, we’re looking at every weapon available in Amazon’s new MMO, New World. The necessity of these guides comes from the weapon mastery system in the game. Essentially, the more that you use a specific weapon, the more your level will increase for that weapon’s mastery, and with each level, you will unlock access to skills, passives, and augments, that are associated with how the weapon functions in-game. There are two trees to choose from with the weapon mastery unlockables, and you will not be able to select every single option that is available for both trees.

This will differentiate your character from someone else’s who’s wielding the same weapon as you, along with your gear, stats, and so forth. As such, I am going through each weapon’s skills and skill trees so that prior to the game’s now-delayed launch you’ll have a general idea of what you can expect from each weapon type. And this time our focus is on the Fire Staff.

New World Fire Staff Guide | NewWorldFans.com
Cast devastating area spells with the Fire Staff!

If you’re wondering where to invest your character attributes when focusing on the Fire Staff, the weapon benefits solely from intelligence. As such, your strength, focus, and dexterity will not contribute whatsoever. However, having the option to wield a healing staff as your secondary weapon is never a bad idea, and the passive benefits that come from investing in focus will greatly improve your mana management.

The ‘Desecrated Fire Staff’ – Tier 5!

Now that we’ve covered your attribute decisions, we’re going to look at the weapon mastery for the Fire Staff itself; its skill trees. The leftmost tree is referred to as “Fire Mage”, and the rightmost is “Pyromancer”. Both trees focus on dealing as much fire damage to targets as possible and applying the burn affect, but with different delivery methods.

We’re going to take a look at the active abilities of the Fire Mage skill tree first, and then the augmentations that you can select along with those actives, before swapping over to the Pyromancer tree and doing the same, and then going over the passives for both of those trees:

Fire Mage

Active Skill 1: Pillar of Fire

A spell that inflicts 134.0% weapon damage on the target.

Cost: 15 Mana

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Pillar of Fire Augments:

First Strike

Pillar of Fire does 40.0% more damage against full health enemies.

Arson’s Advantage

Each enemy hit by the Pillar grants you 10.0% of your max mana back.

Active Skill 2: Meteor Shower

A channeling spell that rains meteors from the sky. The impacts deal 34.0% weapon damage and an additional 20.0% weapon damage DoT whilst the foe is inside the channeling AoE.

Cost: 30 Mana

Cooldown: 18 Seconds

Meteor Shower Augments:


Initial hits with Meteor Shower grant 1.0% max mana back for each target hit.

Fiery Determination

Meteor Shower gains grit, making it unblockable and uninterruptible.

Judgement of Helios

Damage done after the initial impact increased to 25.0% weapon damage.

Active Skill 3: Fireball

Shoot a fireball that deals 140.0% weapon damage to those it hits. Impact creates a 3.0 meter AoE for 6.0 seconds that causes burn. Burned targets take 10.0% weapon damage each second for the remainder of time on the AoE.

Cost: 25 Mana

Cooldown: 15 Seconds

Fireball Augments:

Scorched Earth

Increases the AoE from 6.0 seconds to 9.0 seconds.


Direct contact with the Fireball returns 10.0% of your max mana and reduces Fire Staff cooldowns by 7.0%.


Active Skill 1: Incinerate

Incinerate causes an explosion that deals 130.0% weapon damage whilst pushing back all foes affected by 3.0 meters. Enemies are burnt by the spell, taking 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0 seconds.

Cost: 22 Mana

Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Incinerate Augments:


Each hit of Incinerate adds another stack of burning.

Cauterize Wounds

Incinerate gains 20.0% lifesteal.

Flame Out!

Casting Incinerate causes two explosions.

Active Skill 2: Flamethrower

Creates a beam of fire from your Fire Staff that deals 34.0% weapon damage each second. Causes enemies to burn for 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0 seconds.

Cost: 4 Mana /second

Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Flamethrower Augments:

Fire’s Reach

Increase distance of spell by 50.0%.

Infernal Flames

Based damage increased by 25.0%.

Pyro Dancer

Remove the cooldown on Flamethrower completely.

Active Skill 3: Burn Out

Move quickly through enemies, dealing 129.0% weapon damage along the way. Passing through an enemy causes them to burn for 10.0% weapon damage each second for 8.0 seconds.

Cost: 30 Mana

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Burn Out Augments:

All In

Each enemy hit during the phase reduces Fire Staff cooldowns by 5.0%.

Heat it Up!

Burn Out distance increased by 50.0%.


Clear Mind

Whilst above 50.0% mana, you are empowered and deal 10.0% more damage.

Spell Focus

Heavy attacks restore 5.0% of max mana when successful.


Spells gain 15.0% extra critical hit chance.


Heavy attacks no longer use mana.

Prophet of a Fire God

Whilst wielding your Fire Staff, critical hit damage is increased by 20.0%.

Fiery Restoration

Successful heavy attacks reduce Fire Staff cooldowns by 10.0%.


Scoring critical hits with the Fire Staff inflicts burning status, dealing 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0 seconds.

Clear Casting

Not taking damage for 3.0 seconds causes you to deal 10.0% more damage until damaged.

Runes of Helios

Casting a spell with your Fire Staff creates a fire rune on the ground in a 2.0-meter radius, increasing spell damage whilst inside the AoE by 30.0%. The run lasts 7.0 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds


Wielding your Fire Staff while below 50.0% health increases your spell damage by 20.0%.

Heat up

Blocking a melee attack successfully restores 5.0% max mana.


Burn effects last 20.0% longer.

Trial by Fire

Being mobility CC’d creates an AoE of fire around you, dealing 5.0% weapon damage to all enemies within a 4.0-meter area. The field lasts for 10.0 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 Minutes

Let it Burn

Whenever a burn you have inflicted deals damage, reduce your damage taken by 10.0% for 2.0 seconds.

Watch it Burn

Light attacks inflict burn, damaging the enemy hit for 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0 seconds.

Combat Speed

Using a Fire Staff spell grants you 10.0% more movement speed for 5.0 seconds.


Not casting a spell for 6.0 seconds causes your mana regen to be increased by 400.0%.


That just about wraps things up for our overview of the Fire Staff mastery for Amazon’s new MMO, New World, we hope that you’ve found the information useful in planning out your character and look forward to seeing you online!

If you have any suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you on the MGN.gg blog, our YouTube channel of course, the new MGN twitter @MGN_TV, and our Discord – links for all of which can be found within the description of the video overview.

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