New World MMO | My Top 5 Leveling Builds

0:00 Intro

00:31 Life Staff + Sword

03:36 Spear + Musket

09:20 Fire Staff + Ice Gauntlet

14:02 Greataxe + Hatchet

20:02 Bow + Rapier

00:31  Life Staff + Sword

The Life Staff could be one of the best leveling weapons in the game. The good thing about the Life Staff is that attacks will not drain your mana. Let me repeat, light and heavy attacks no longer cost mana. Great heals are also on the table which you can use to self-sustain.

There are multiple abilities under the Healing tree and Protective tree. To name a few, Sacred Ground, Beacon, and Orb of Protection. For leveling, we should not worry about moving around. We can stand in as long as we want.

The Sword is great as it will allow you to face harder, close-to-end game mobs. It will allow you to potentially solo some of the difficult mobs in some quests. Some abilities are Shield Rush and Shield Bash; the two are a good CC combo for tougher mobs. Then go with the Whirling Blade ability which gives you extra damage. Whirling Blade will allow you to hit multiple enemies if you tag some with your life staff. 

03:36 Spear + Musket

These builds are independently very strong. The Spear has primary Dex scaling, secondary Strength scaling, while the Musket has primary Dex scaling and secondary Intelligence scaling. The good thing about this combination is that the former is a powerful melee weapon and the latter is a powerful ranged weapon.

Abilities that can go with the spear are Sweep, Perforate, and Vault Kick. This build will allow you to crush the opponent, especially for solo enemies. Vault Kick is one of the best abilities in the game; it does a huge amount of damage and has 1.5 seconds of stun. Vault Kick into the opponent and go straight into your Sweep. Sweep does 75% weapon damage. Perforate the opponent when it recovers; it’s going to apply some rend thus succeeding damage is going to be more.

On to the Musket which has mad abilities as well. Starting off with Powder Burn which is a really great DoT with 300% weapon damage. Chronic Trauma is another ability that extends burn duration of headshots to 13 seconds. Traps is an ability that increases damage to trapped targets by 20% for 3 seconds. However, Traps for PVP will be difficult to use as opponents will be avoiding these automatically. Using Traps will help you have control over spacing or the pace of the fight, especially versus melee weapon users. 

09:20 Fire Staff + Ice Gauntlet 

Who would have thought a fire and ice pairing would be possible? The Fire Staff is a magic weapon that allows the wielder to cast spells and to attack at a range. One of its abilities is Fireball, wherein a ton of damage can be done on impact and lets you situate a burning field on the ground for 6 seconds. Another ability you should definitely use is Incinerate which brings about a fiery explosion and applies burning debuffs. The nice thing about Incinerate is that almost all of these passives are really amazing. Scorched is an ability that makes Incinerate deal an additional stack of burning. Cauterized Wounds is a passive which restores 20% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.

Incinerate is cast twice when you cast it, so you get a total of 4 burning debuffs. FlameThrower can simply be turned on and off which should be versatile in leveling. 

Moving over to the Ice Gauntlet, remember that we want to limit the idle time thus, players can entomb themselves. Entombed is going to give you all of your mana back. Next on the list is Ice Storm, group up some monsters and throw an Ice Storm on them and you’ll get massive space away from them. Throw a fireball and they’ll be slowed down and burned. Ice Pylon is an interesting ability that fires ice projectiles at opponents within a 20-meter range for 15 seconds or until killed. Suggest to steer away from Ice Shower and Wind Chill as they are more PVP-type of abilities and do no damage.

14:02 Great Axe + Hatchet

Great Axe scales off of Strength at 1.0x. Hatchet scales off of Strength at 0.9x and secondarily scales off of Dexterity at 0.65x. You’ll have to dump points into Strength for this leveling build. Make the Hatchet your primary weapon and you’ll be able to do massive damage with it then switch to the Great Axe to finish.

For the Hatchet, always take the Berserk ability whether you’re running PVE or PVP. Berserk is perhaps the best ability line in the game as it has a 20% flat damage bonus. The On The Hunt ability gives you 20% extra movement speed. Berserking Refresh gives you health. Berserking Purge removes all crowd control effects such as stuns and roots. Recommend to use Rending Throw as it is an amazing opener. Pull the monster with Rending Throw and all succeeding damage afterward is amplified. Infected Throw could also be useful as it triggers disease, weakens, and does 130% weapon damage.

On to the Great Axe. Execute is definitely on the top of the ability list as it is one of the highest damage scaling abilities in the game with 175% weapon damage and deals an additional 30% more damage with opponents under 50% health. Bring the opponents down with the Hatchet and switch over to the Great Axe and you’ll get an amazing game execute. Charge is an ability that will allow you to animation cancel the light attack really well. Other good abilities are Maelstrom, Gravity Well, Whirlwind, and Hunger.

20:02 Bow + Rapier 

The Bow benefits solely from Dexterity while the Rapier benefits primarily from Dexterity but Intelligence also contributes. This combo is somewhat similar to the Spear and Musket mix. One weapon is used to do big damage to enemies at range followed by a solid weapon that does a lot of damage up close.

The Bow has the highest damage cap in the game. Evade Shot is an ability under the Bow. Evade Shot is on point when hitting headshots as it puts you on a different angle. Poison Shot is a must when leveling as it does 10% weapon damage per second for 20 seconds. If you Direct Hit a Poison Shot you are going to do 200% more damage. The core of the bow is Rapid Shot. It’s the reason why the damage ceiling of the bow is so high – fire three arrows and that’s 325% weapon damage real quick. The ability Rapid Accuracy then follows, if all arrows hit the same target, Rapid Shot’s cooldown is decreased by 50%. This is great for leveling because you’ll be able to use the ability a lot faster and have massive damage. Final Blow is the last shot of Rapid Shot and deals 25% extra damage which will then give you a 350% weapon damage combo. Poison Shot, Evade Shot, and Rapid Shot on the Bow for pulling monsters.

The Rapier tree is for when the opponents come in close. It can be built in a lot of ways, an example is Tondo plus a Flourish and Finish as a good build for expeditions. Grab Evade; it will allow you to animation cancel your light attacks and do quick damage. Light attack, Evade, light attack before animation recovers, Evade and go in with fast light attack and another light attack. Then all of the passives under the Grace tree are going to be reducing cooldown with light attacks giving you Stamina.

On the Bow, pull opponents with Poison Shot, throwing a Rapid Shot into them. Evade Shot to get a little bit of distance, use a couple of light attacks then switch to Rapier if opponents are not dead yet.

These weapon combinations are recommended due to efficiency, maximizing survivability, and limiting the recovery time.

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