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Cyberpunk 2077: Equip Johnny Silverhands ARM (Legendary Cybernetic Clothes Location)

Johnny Silverhand’s Arm

Since the game does not tell you this at all, we’re going to: you can actually get Johnny Silverhand’s arm! You can equip it on your character and it looks awesome! This is the only cybernetic arm mod that actually changes your character’s appearance. Better yet, it works for both female and male “Vs”. Oh, and it gives you that awesome-looking spike on your elbow as well!

How to get Johnny’s Silverhand

The first thing you need to do is finish the side quest called “Chippin’ In”. Once you’ve finished the main quest, you’ll get another quest called “Tapeworm”. Anyway, once you’ve completed the Chippin’ In quest, you’ll end up on the north side of Night City. If you then go to your inventory, head over to your backpack, and then scroll down to your common white items, right near the bottom, you’ll notice that you actually have “Johnny’s Silverhand”.

It looks like a common piece of scrap when you first look at it. It’s even labeled as “Misc”, weighs nothing, and is only worth $1. If you actually equip it though (which most people don’t try), when you look at your character in the character screen, it won’t show up. However, when you go to first-person mode, and look in first-person by firing off a weapon, you’ll then see that Johnny’s hand actually appears!

The hand shows up only in the first-person view but if you go ahead and call your bike, for example, the game then goes into third-person and you can actually see it. If you go to photo mode it’s also visible, although it does look like a silhouette from some angles.

Make Johnny Silverhand’s Hand More Visible

Because it’s on your left hand, if you go to your cyberware and look at your arms, depending on the cyberware mod you have installed, it may actually make Johnny’s Silverhand less visible. If you go to the Ripper Doctor located in Watson and swap out your cybernetics, you can actually make Johnny’s hand a lot more visible. Gorilla Arms, for example, make the hand hard to see (because it’s so thick), however, Monowire and Mantis Blades look much better.

Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below!

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