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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Game Review

Has quarantine given you cabin fever? How would you like to swap it out for a different kind of cabin fever? 😉 Well, good! Because at Camp Spooky, the days are hot, the monsters are hotter, and the supervision is nonexistent!

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is a single and multiplayer dating simulator that is as hilarious as it is shameless.

Its predecessor, Monster Prom, was an incredible game with awesome storylines and amazing characters. I had so much fun playing the original and was a bit worried I might set my expectations too high to truly enjoy Monster Camp. I wasn’t actually sure if the crew could top themselves, but they totally did.

Three cheers to the amazing people who worked on this game! The art is playful, vibrant, and engaging. The music and sound effects create the perfect atmosphere and the dialogue is as sharp and witty as ever. Pour yourselves a drink and celebrate. You somehow took an already extremely campy game and somehow made it even more campy, both figuratively and literally!

Better than Monster Prom!

This game features impeccable comedic timing. It’s hard to make me laugh out loud, but my abs were burning after just a few rounds. The situations are wacky and totally unpredictable. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next! With over 1,000 possible events, it’s a game that you can play through hundreds of times and never experience the exact same run twice.

Many games can get dull once you’ve completed it the first time, but you’re always learning new things about the universe, camp, and characters themselves. Additionally, since it’s still new, there will be updates in the future that will add new features and expand on the current version, which is super exciting.

Monster Prom 2 – Drink Menu

Another thing I adore about this game is the fact that it forces you out of your comfort zone. I’m one of those people who struggle to choose the mean conversation choices for NPCs. I can’t even have a mean sim without feeling awful! In this game though, being your worst self is not only encouraged, but celebrated. It makes you want to select the worst option possible just to see what happens. Who knew murder could be so much fun?


One problem Monster Prom had was that it was fairly easy to figure out what you needed to do and say to get whatever you wanted, but I’ve already found it to be much harder with Monster Camp. Though the original mechanics remain the same (build up your stats through interactions with the characters), it’s actually harder than I expected.

There were so many times I was so confident I had the right answer only to be totally dunked on. Even when I did get the right answer, I still had the chance to get completely screwed over by other factors. Coasting is not an option here. Fortunately, one of the great things about Monster Camp is that even when you fall on your ass, it’s still a good time. Or maybe I’m just a total simp that I could get punched in the face by any of these characters and I’d just beg for more. God…please punch me, Damien…I’ll do anything.

Some may shy away from playing a sequel without trying the first game, but I truly believe that Monster Camp is great as a stand-alone title. There are a lot of references to the first game, but they blend in fairly well to the story that it feels like a subtle inside joke. A lot of sequels rely too heavily on characters that were well-loved and developed previously, but Monster Camp doesn’t. I’ve played the first game, but without the expansion pack, so I didn’t even know some of the characters’ names before my first run.

I was actually fairly disappointed when I got Dahlia my first run because I was secretly hoping for Damien (who doesn’t want that spicy red baby?). By the end of my five weeks at Camp Spooky, however, I was totally head over heels for my blue, buff wife. Even the old faces from Monster Prom were given new layers of development that kept the spark alive without feeling watered down or tired. The characters were undeniably one of the best parts of Monster Prom and I’m so glad they didn’t lose their charm!


A quick warning, if you aren’t one who appreciates debauchery, this game may not be for you. Monster Prom was, at best borderline erotic, but Monster Camp is just straight-up horny. The writers have ditched any pretense of subtle eroticism it held in Monster Prom and tells it like it is.

I’ve had the game less than two days and already banged multiple monsters. Personally, I think it’s a blast, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Fortunately, the game is also very customizable and you can turn off certain things to fine-tune your experience.

If you’re looking for something diverse, wacky, and fun, Monster Camp has totally got your back. From the moment you step onto the camp bus to that last night at camp, you’ll be totally wrapped up in this nonstop adventure. Hope you brought some sunscreen because this one is a scorcher!



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