5 Games You Should Play This Halloween 2021

0:00 Intro
0:30 – Lost in Vivo
2:02 – Ghost Hunt Corp
2:50 – Dungeon Nightmares Series
3:56 – Fatal Frame/Projectzero 5
5:35 – In Sound mind

Lost In Vivo

Lost in Vivo is a Silent Hill first person style horror game. Your dog is forced down a broken sewer drain and well, you love your dog (of course!) and down the drain you go… Down the drain you bump into a number of others that are also stricken by the psychological fear and let me tell you, this game is very unique. Weapons, guns, breakable stuff, and jump scares are just a few of the things you will love. If you like Silent Hill, you know what you are getting. This is the best game to play for Halloween 2021!

Ghost Hunters Corp.

Ghost Hunters Corp. is a scary game similar to Phasmophobia. You can get chased by ghosts, perform exorcisms, and find occult items. There is a lot to do, and it is especially excellent because you can play co-op with up to FOUR of your friends. You want to have a fun, scary night in with your friends? Look no further, Ghost Hunters Corporation is the ticket. This game features constant updates with loads of new areas and content to explore. This is a lot of fun, and you’ll love playing it.

Dungeon Nightmare Series

If you are a MGN fan, you know that I’ve covered this series. Dungeon Nightmares 2 and 3 are on Steam, with constant jump-scares and a lot of unpredictable things that will have you screeching with fear (or glee?). Explore the dungeons, find keys, get scared out of your wits, all while having a great time – then this game is perfect for you!

Fatal Frame/Projectzero 5

Of course Project Zero, or Fatal Frame is a must play. While there is a new one coming out this year (possibly this October), you will want to play the previous ones as well. This game is perfect for horror fans and if you haven’t got an emulator, you may want to get one for the old Project Zero’s. The fifth one looks amazing – new storyline, new locations, and so much more to look forward too. You have to take pictures of ghosts and set them free. Do note that the ghosts have “horrible” back stories and ya, you will need to pick it up. Do it.

In Sound mind

Oh man, on September 28th, 2021, In Sound Mind is set to release and let me tell you it looks awesome. First person psychological horror + crazy puzzles + unique boss fights = an amazing game. There is also a fantastic 2 hour demo you can play and it delivers the goods. When this launches, it will be go time as this is a game you have to pick up!

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