BOB & BOSIP DRAMA?! MOD REMOVED? (Roblox Friday Night Funkin’)

Today, we have some insane drama in Roblox Friday Night Funkin’, this time involving the Bob & Bosip FNF team and their lead developer AmorAltra! The developer is currently getting canceled after countless questionable situations were exposed. Will the mod stay in Roblox FNF or Funky Friday? We’ll give our thoughts on this big FNF drama video.


0:00 Intro
1:54 Events Leading Up
2:42 Kolsan NSFW Tweet! (TW)
4:14 Amor Contacting Aether??
4:50 Amor’s Geometry Dash Drama?!
6:34 Roblox FNF Deleting Bob & Bosip?
7:54 Amor’s Apology (NEW!)
9:02 Outro & Discussion

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