Pokemon – Top Five Pokemon who deserve a Mega-Evolution

Mega-Evolution was introduced in Generation Six of the Pokemon series, and was received with much praise from the fan-base. It gave irrelevant Pokemon a much needed boost meta wise, and gave the opportunity to revisit designs, type combinations, and abilities. When generation seven rolled around, and this feature was removed and replaced with the much maligned Z-moves, and later Dynamax, fans were disappointed that their favorite would never received a much deserved Mega Evolution.

So, today we’re going to revisit the best gimmick that Gamefreak and The Pokemon Company have conceived. Mega Evolution should have continued as games progressed, and your favorite absolutely should have received us. So, join us here at MGN as we go through our five selections for Pokemon that deserve a Mega variant.

5. Raichu

Pokemon 8026 Mega Raichu Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats

The mascot of the Pokemon series didn’t get a Mega-Evolution. Sure, Pikachu wasn’t eligible because of it not being the fully evolved form, but Raichu sure could have gotten one. And in fact, desperately needed one.

Lightball Pikachu is often the much better option, and surely was when Mega-Evolutions were getting handed out. So, what can you do for poor Raichu before it was to receive alternative forms? Mega-Evolution. A second typing, a boost to special attack, and an offensive ability would’ve been great for the series mascot’s evolved form.

4. Jynx

Jynqueen (Ice-Psychic) Jynx evolution by Eiddiw | Mega evolution pokemon,  Pokemon, Pokemon pokedex

Ever since her release, Jynx has received absolutely no love from the powers that be. Jynx was at the center of racism accusations, and underwent a slight redesign after her introduction in Red/Blue/Green. But since then, Gamefreak and The Pokemon company have avoided Jynx like she has the plague.

When baby Pokemon were introduced in Generation Two, Smoochum became a thing, but that didn’t really make Jynx stronger for having a pre-evolution. As such, we believe that the ice/psychic queen could use some love. Her typing is fairly unique, and there’s a lot of potential for either a utility lock-down build, or a heavy special attacker. But alas, no Jynx love.

3. Golduck

Mega Golduck X by Phatmon on DeviantArt

Truth be told, Golduck kinda sucks. Which is a shame because the little water dude player such a big part in the 90’s anime, and our childhoods. Misty was constantly hoping that she would one day be the proud partner of a Golduck, and her attempts made of some of the best humor in the show at that stage.

But as far as usefulness in the games? Golduck just wasn’t up to scratch. It wasn’t back then, and it isn’t really now. We’d love to see Golduck actually gain the psychic type, and get an overall boost in stats, and perhaps even be viable in a rain weather-setup team.

2. Johto Starters

The Johto starts are in that unfortunate group of being single-type starters. They miss out on another method of dealing STAB damage, like so many of their other starter companions.

Unfortunately this fact, combined with underwhelming stats and limited move pools, mean that the Johto starters have never set the Pokemon world alight. As such, we’ve included them as number four.

A second typing and a bump in stats could potentially take stall Meganium, scarf Typhlosion and whatever build you can do with Feraligatr, and make them viable and strong.

1. Flygon

Salamence didn’t need a Mega-Evolution to become meta. It’s already a potent attacker, and when competitive really took off in generation four, Marriland’s spec-mence was famous. So, it would be natural to assume that Salamence’s gen three dragon companion who genuinely needed a buff in Flygon, would get a Mega-Evolution when Ruby and Sapphire got their remakes. Nope, didn’t happen.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Flygon deserves a mega. It’d open up the opportunity for a unique typing with bug/dragon being an option aesthetically. It’d give Flygon a must needed boost to it’s stats, and make the ground/dragon viable in the OU meta. Sadly, it wasn’t to happen. So, Flygon gets spot number one.


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