HITMAN 3 – Mendoza THE FAREWELL A Murder By Proxy Assassination Challenge

HITMAN 3, A Murder By Proxy, Domestic Disturbance and Scandal! Challenges in Mendoza, THE FAREWELL mission.

All of these challenges will be done during the play-through, you can unlock A Proxy Killer by using a Mercenary to shoot Tamara Vidal with a Sniper Rifle and make Valentina Yates push Don Yates over a railing. First you can take care of Don & Valentina Yates to complete a SCANDAL and Domestic Disturbance challenges. Two Mercenaries near the doors to garden will talk about a safe and a code, they will mention a date of marriage as a code to the safe.

In the bedroom you might get a calendar – intel will mention a Crystal anniversary (game takes place in 2021, crystal anniversary means that marriage took place in 2006). Enter 2006 as a code to the safe and you will get a file – give these files to the Valentina and all you have to do, is just wait for job to be done.

Then you can just complete a Mission Story with Sniper against Vidal – grab a Gaucho disguise, take earpiece, scan Tamara Vidal and wait till Sniper has a clear shot. Once Tamara can be seen by a Sniper, order a shot and challenge is done once both targets are eliminated.

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