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Genshin Impact is an insanely popular game, with so much to do that you get confused on what to look for. Eventually after playing the game for many hours, you understand the game’s rules and restrictions and how to play around them. One thing will remain constant though, the drop rates in the game. The drop rates in Genshin Impact are for the most part really well done, but there is a lingering problem that still hasn’t been fixed.

Artifacts and Gems are dropped only from bosses, and these bosses are terribly hard to farm. The problem isn’t the difficulty, or the fact that the Artifacts and Gems are hard to find; but it’s the insanely bad drop rate. Let’s talk more in depth:


The game has fairly good drop rates, when you are on Level 45 for any character you start to get gold or purple drops most of the time. Artifacts and Ascension Materials are the most important things to acquire in the game, and if you’re spending Resin then they do not have insanely high-level caps. You can get gold materials as soon as you are Level 45, every single time you are spending a resin on it you will get things that are worth it.

You’re not going to get a gold material every time, but you will be getting good items for the most part once you’re Level 45. However, this is only limited to spending Resin, and when it comes to drops from Bosses, the game just breaks.


When we think about Artifacts and Gems, they have an insanely slow drop rate when it comes to Bosses. The first problem is the really bad levelling system for drop rates on Artifacts and Gems in Genshin Impact. The worst part about this is that these are items that are limited to a few specific ways of creation. And since the drop rates are SO high, and SO demanding, you practically can’t get them at all.

First off, you need characters that can reach levels higher than 40, from there you need to GRIND up to levels 60 or higher to just get purple gemstones and artifacts. This is just a pure bait system, created so people would spend a ton of money on Resin and just get upgrades that way. Now with the statistics out of the way, we have a way around that to help farming much better!

genshin impact drop rate


First off, you need two characters to be your main DPS. Ganyu and Diluc are our suggestions, but you can also use a Kaqing or Xiao or another character that is your main DPS and you start FARMING. The main purpose is not to just grind bosses here, you grind bosses to upgrade those two main DPS characters.

You will be committing to these characters, you won’t be replacing them anytime soon. Getting them to 90 is the main priority, Diluc for example gets CRIT damage, and Ganyu gets a ton of CRIT chance when they reach that Ascension!

Next up, you focus on their guaranteed upgrades such as Weaponry and Talents. I would suggest you upgrade your preferred weapons as far as you can or even max it out because you won’t be changing the weapons anytime soon. After that you focus on their talents, you’ll be upgrading these talents but also farming the materials so that when you do get the boss drops, you can level it up.

This will give you two characters that you can increasingly rely on for an INSANE amount of damage, rather than playing multiple different characters against bosses. Diluc for example can turn into an absolute TANK, and take as much damage as he can while doing way too much to the enemy NPC characters. He’s an easy S-Tier character, and getting him to 90 turns into a fun adventure.

Whereas if you’re upgrading your supports and all those characters to reach a maximum level at the same time as your main DPS, you will run into a ton of trouble. This is just an easy way to maximize performance and gain a boost to boss farming for quicker rewards and progression!


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