Elden Ring – Brother Corhyn and Goldmask Questline and Locations

00:00 Meet Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold for the first time
01:05 After at least 2 main bosses he will leave the Roundtable Hold
01:33 Go to Altus Highway Junction and head north to meet Corhyn again
02:53 Head further north along the street and travel through a waypoint. Immediately turn around and talk to Goldmask
03:49 Tell Corhyn about Goldmask, reload the area and meet them both again
05:39 Progress to Erdtree Sanctuary and collect the Golden Order Principia directly above you
06:04 From West Capital Rampart head towards the east side of the Coliseum and meet them again. Give Corhyn the Golden Order Principia Prayer book and learn the Law of Regression incarnation
08:04 Equip the incarnation and head west from Erdtree Sanctuary down the elevator. On the floor before the large statue there will be a sign on which you have to use the Law of Regression incarnation
08:50 Head back to both of them and tell them the news
11:08 From Freezing Lake head towards the bridge south of Stargazers’ Ruins
13:38 Progress in the main story and unlock Leyndell, Capital of Ash. Head to the Coliseum and find Goldmask on the lower west side with the Mending Rune of Perfect Order
16:07 Progress towards the end of the game
16:21 Age of Order Ending

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