Friday Night Funkin’ – Vs NekoFreak – Remastered MOD

Vs NekoFreak Remastered

Prior to meeting girlfriend, boyfriend had dated a number of women, Lia, Mia, and Kia in particular. None of them, however, were half as crazy as the girl in this mod – NekoFreak. She’s a knife wielding maniac and is not to be trusted. In this mod, you go on three dates and none of them go smoothly.

With NekoFreak, she has very high standards and apparently she won’t date you unless you can beat her in a rap battle. Oh, and “don’t worry about the knife”. Right… Maybe she will give you a head-start to run away if you beat her in the battle?


Download the VS NekoFreak REMASTERED mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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