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Voidtrain Review

Voidtrain is a Fps survival adventure game where you travel though “voids” located throughout the world all the while controlling and upgrading your train along the way.

You play as a mechanic who has fallen into a new world for them with their own rules and laws. On your path of discovery you will meet outlandish creatures as well as many secrets, puzzles and challenges.

With both multiplayer, or solo, this can either be a fun game or a very boring game and I can tell you why later in the video.


After the introduction to the game, you are standing on a Hand train cart surrounded by the world that I believe is the void world with nothing but some tools. You can get off the cart and glide (or swim in the air) to get resources to start your adventure. Throughout the game there will be creatures and bandits along the way you’ll need to deal with and because you are on a Hand train cart, the only option you really have is to collect resources and upgrade both yourself and the train cart to stay alive.

In regards to upgrading, it is quite simple to do in this game, however it takes a fair bit of time – time you are going to need in order to get somewhere “will get straight to that later”. From workstations to labs to researching new stuff you can make a lot of stuff once it is all unlocked.

Oh, did I mention you can get more carts to attach to your cart for that amazing train look? There are so many things you can upgrade in Voidtrain! Every travel you go on will go to a pit stop station where you can find stuff or get attacked by bandit npc’s trying to stop you.
later the stations will be given a way to make more carts upgrade the train itself.


Well, what can I say – this game is VERY pretty. It is stunning seeing the creatures move around, just doing their thing while in the mist lies something massive… All the while seeing islands and broken things they are in the void.

Sounds and audio

The sounds of the game are so clear and clean it makes this adventure perfect and relaxing considering it’s a survival game the music is really nice touch to the game and when there’s a moment in the game the music picks up from a relaxing to a get ready something is going to happen and it gets intense.

My complaints

Now with all good things there are a few cons I have to say about this game. First off, the game can get boring at the start. In the first 2 hours or so, there really is not a lot happening in the game. That said, once you’ve researched a few things – generally starting in the third hour – the game gets interesting.

The second thing I did not like is the researching process. Once you get the things to researching, you go to the bench and learn it meaning all that stuff will be gone. Crazy. This creates a grind like feel to the game.

Thirdly, storages. you can only put 3 things in there and for a start you will struggle for storage because the platform is very small and you will need most of the carts for crafting station

And finally, the combat – It really needs to be improved. For example, when you are in a gun fight with bandit npc’s, the leaning is very annoying and the FPS drops dramatically.


For players that have a lot of time, you will definitely enjoy this game. That said, for players that want action (quickly), I’m not so sure this will be for you. The fresh take on the survival genre (with a train) is really cool – especially when combined with the wide variety f things to unlock and explore.

I think for people looking for co-op games this will be really good for an adventure with a friend. The visuals are stunning and the audio is perfect. At the moment it’s on Epic games but very soon it will be on Steam. I’m really hoping to see this succeeded and fix all the stuff they have got right now.



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