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Coromon is first and foremost a monster capture, monster training game presented in a retro-pixelated art style. It’s full of charm and adorable creatures and moments, but don’t let that fool you. There’s plenty of depth there as well, both in the story, and the gameplay. Fights not the simple, “I’m stronger therefore I win” – there’s actual strategy, planning and depth involved.

The art style is very reminiscent of something like Octopath Traveller. The pixelation is executed in such a way that you feel nostalgic for that classic 90’s monster capture game, but done well enough, with enough finesse that it doesn’t feel dated – much like Octopath does well, and that’s a good thing. 

So, is it different enough from those other games in the genre. Both the retro versions, and the current, to warrant you picking it up? We’ll find out. Our first impressions are going to be broken down into four categories:

  • Story
  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • X-Factor

The X-Factor for our impressions are different from game to game, and review to review, and today we’ve decided to stick with those differences between Coromon and other games. Like I said – IS. IT. DIFFERENT. ENOUGH. If it is, is that a good thing? Do the differences make it better, or worse? Want to know? Like I said, stick around, and you will.

3:12 – Story 8/10

The first thing I want to say about Coromon is one that you will notice almost immediately, it is hilarious. Yes, the story is there, and you’re given enough early to interest you in playing the game through, to find out what is happening. But, what I love about Coromon thus far is that it weaves in the humour naturally with the story-telling.

The humour isn’t over the top, or jammed down your throat at every possible opportunity, the developer has fit the humour when it suits and I have to say that it lands. It’s cute, and I like it. So, let yourself enjoy the story, and you’ll get some light-hearted chuckles along the way.

4:04 – Sound 10/10

The music is relaxing and whimsical. It puts you in a state. A state to just sit back, relax, and let the charm of Coromon mellow you out. The game has little details like birds chirping when the train disturbs them, so the developer has obviously put a lot of thought about the little things, and in those moments you can tell that they love their game.

If I had to give you a comparison, I would say that the music is executed well in a similar fashion to Stardew Valley. It’s relaxed when it needs to be, like planting your vegetables – or in Coromon’s case exploring and getting exposition. And it’s exciting when you’re in the mines, or in Coromon’s case, battling with your monsters. The highest praise I can give Coromon is that it does sound just as well as Stardew. 

5:10 – Gameplay 11/10

Coromon is deep. It might seem like a simple monster capture, monster battle game. But, where it stands out from other games like Nexomon, is just how deep you can go. You’re given the opportunity to make the game as easy or difficult as you want, and that is a really welcome feature from some of the AAA games in the same genre. 

Like I said, deep. You can customise your character, there are stat growth curves, there is stat customisation, there are puzzles, there are multiple regions, there are challenge modes in the difficulty. Everything that you’ve been dying to get out of the big guys in the genre, the developers have granted your wish with Coromon. So, for me, with those things fulfilled I can’t help but love Coromon for giving their audience exactly what they want, all in one game!

6:19 – X-Factor 9/10

I’ve already covered a lot of how Coromon is different from the other games in the genre, especially against the big two: Pokemon and Digimon. But, is it different enough to the point where if you’ve played the latest releases of those games already and are enjoying them, should you shift to spending your time on Coromon? 

The answer is a resounding yes. You’re going to get more out of your experience playing Coromon. 

How can I say that? Because I have those other games, and play them regularly. But,  I’d rather be playing Coromon. I am eagerly awaiting the full release and I know that my steam playtime is going to be a ridiculous number. 

Why is that? Well, like I mentioned Coromon is extremely deep and will provide a genuine challenge depending on your chosen difficult. Also, the developers and publishers of the big two aren’t flexible or very interactive with their audience This is another thing that Coromon does better, and that makes the future of the game very exciting.

So, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, give the demo for Coromon a try and be sure to add the game to your steam wishlist so that you can pick it up as soon as it drops.


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