Escape From Tarkov – Budget to Best Builds – Adar & M4 – 10 Builds

A lot of players don’t seem to trust the 5.56 – and mostly with good reason. The ADAR doesn’t need any adjustments to carry you through the early to mid game. Nice. That said, once you get a little money and start adding on some attachments, the gun can really turn up the heat.

In the 12.9 patch – the trade changed unfortunately. It used to be one one rec battery but it’s gotten more expensive; it is 1 rec battery and 2 chainlets now. You can buy the ADAR on the flea market now as well (how to in video).

Build #1- Budget Boi

This build doesn’t need too much – switching the gas block to the MK 12 is recommended to reduce your recoil and ergo. The VP-09 is also another great choice. The PWS CQB however is the recommended version for this build. This build is very good for the early game – is easy to level up with, and only cost about 57,000 Rubles, not including the ammo and mag.

The reset time is not great, and the distance between the shot and the muzzle climb is the reason to spend the extra rubles. Spamming it is also quite accurate, oddly enough.

All in all this video guide contains 10 builds that will 100% help you out in your Tarkov gaming.

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