Monster Hunter Rise Review

Whew! Let’s get to it! A game that has been taking up most of my time these days is Monster Hunter Rise. Let me tell you! If you want a game that will keep you busy for hours on end then this is the game. If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter Franchise then this game so far is the icing on the cake when it comes to the franchise itself.

The game plays great with new monsters to fight and even adding a new sidekick mount called a Palamute who will get you everywhere across the map. But we will get into that later

Gameplay and New Additions

The game starts you off in a place called Kamura Village. From there is where you will go on all your quests, buy items, and forge weapons. The instant you start this game you will notice you will have two sidekicks instead of one. If you have played the Monster Hunter World game then you’re familiar with having a Palicoe companion. But with Monster Hunter Rise comes a new companion aiding your side as well. Which is the Palamute.

The new addition of this companion has added a whole lot more versatility to the game. The most important part of this canine companion. Is being able to ride them. Which makes it easier for hunters to get to places quickly. Not only do they help out in getting you to your destination they will also fight alongside you and your Palicoe.

Another addition is the wirebug which is used in Monster Rise instead of the clutch claw used in Monster Hunter World. While playing the game you will notice how versatile the wirebug is compared to the clutch claw used in Monster Hunter World. Not only does the wirebug add versatility to the game but it also allows “Wyvern Riding”. This new concept in the game has made the battles even more interesting. This allows your character to now ride monsters once you have stunned them with a wirebug attack.

monster hunter rise review

Wyvern Riding looks pretty cool, right? It’s fun to use this skill to take out other monsters. Oftentimes you might get to see turf wars between monsters. This happens when two monsters enter the same territory and attack each other. Which leaves an optimal opportunity to land some devastating blows in between the monsters. During these skirmishes, you might get a chance to perform Wyvern Riding on one of the monsters.


There are 14 weapon types in the game. It is the same as the previous title game of Monster Hunter World. So the current weapon list types are great swords , long swords, dual blades, gunlance, lance, hammer, hunting horn, switch ax, light bowgun , heavy bowgun, sword and shield, charge blade, insect glaive, and the bow.

Depending on your play style and how you play with friends there are still lots of ways to play and how to handle certain situations with monsters. The fighting controls remain the same but with added wirebug attacks. My top three so far when it comes to weapons are the charge blade , bow, and dual blades. So what weapon do you think you will pick up


If you want a game that frustrates you at times but still makes you feel great when you finally accomplish a quest. This is the game for you. The nostalgia of Monster Hunter series is always great. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise is only available for the Nintendo Switch. So if you want to get into this game then you are going to have to get the console to play. With the new features and newly added monsters do you think you have the skills to take on these monsters?

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